Ipsos has undermined democracy in Kenya

In Summary

• Polling company has put profit before social responsibility in Kenya

IPSOS Synovate Consultant Tom Wolf in April last year
IPSOS Synovate Consultant Tom Wolf in April last year
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Political opinion polling is essential to modern political democracy. Is President Trump becoming less popular? What percentage of the English support Brexit?

It is very difficult to make informed judgements, as a politician or as a voter, without a picture of the popular mood from opinion polls.

So it is shocking to learn that Ipsos, the largest polling company in East Africa, has pulled out of all political opinion polling, both paid and unpaid (see P7). Their decision undermines democracy in East Africa.

As a result, Ipsos has laid off veteran political analyst Tom Wolf.

Opinion polls always upset politicians. Why do you say that a politician is leading the race? Why is that politician considered the most corrupt? Controversy is unavoidable.

Presumably, Ipsos, a French company, has decided that it is not worth the hassle to touch politics.

In so doing, they have abdicated their corporate social responsibility to help build a better Kenya. They are only here for the money and don't want to risk that.

If they don't believe in Kenya, we should not believe in Ipsos. Companies should boycott their services until they end this political censorship.

Quote of the day: "Toleration and liberty are the foundations of a great republic."

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