Uhuru should fire CSs if he's really serious

In Summary

• His demeanour nowadays projects a man cowering to the point of wanting to take cover.

• All he can do is shout at the dark forces from the safety of a foreign land

President Uhuru Kenyatta
FRUSTRATED?: President Uhuru Kenyatta
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The worst disease ravaging Kenya today is corruption. The cure would have been transparency but it is not forthcoming from our leaders, who are themselves in the forefront perpetuating this cancer.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has shown some semblance of political will in disembowelling graft, but political surrogates are pulling to another direction jeopardising the war. Those mentioned in mega corruption scandals rubbish the allegations, despite clear evidence.

To say that those who have turned public coffers into their gravy train don’t want to be investigated is an understatement. They are fighting tooth and nail to derail the investigations by blackmailing investigating agencies.

One side of the ruling party whose lieutenants are suspected to have dipped their sticky fingers into the sugar jars have resorted to blackmail and monkey tricks. Theirs is not mere chest-thumping.

They seem to know the amount of skeletons in the President’s allies’ closets and are not about to go down alone. They could also be privy to Uhuru’s previous dealings that might have soiled his hands, making him unworthy at pointing fingers at them.

This is the President’s big headache. But he cannot run away from blame. The buck stops with him. He is the man holding the instruments of power.

Kenyans don’t want to know about Jubilee’s wars; they want to see the blood of the corrupt brigade irrespective of which side they are in Jubilee.

Allow me to rephrase Che Guevara’s quote, 'Corrupt leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn corrupt.' If your own party’s politician is corrupt, speak up.

A lot has been said about corruption, but it is like serenading a goat. All they corrupt think about is how to steal more.

The Head of State has been boxed into a corner. His demeanour nowadays projects a man cowering to the point of wanting to take cover. He displays acute symptoms of frustration and malignant stress.


All he can do is shout at the dark forces from the safety of a foreign land. Uhuru’s actions are becoming aimless and dispiriting. He should wear his constitutional armour, get the hammer and chisel and go to work.

Corrupt leaders are replaced only to have new leaders turn corrupt'

Kenyans have his back in this war. He should stop speaking good English, hold the whip and start the purge.

In fact, he should kick out three-quarters of his Cabinet. Uhuru could be holding back in sending his Cabinet to Siberia because Parliament is on a chokehold by a section of the ruling party.

If he were to sack the tainted CSs, he fears the 12th Parliament might not approve his nominees. But he can do it anyway. Kenyans can do without CSs for 20 years and they will still be fine.

During President Daniel arap Moi era, the office of the Vice President remained unoccupied for 13 years. Kenya did not grow wrinkles or warts.

Scolding CSs full of attitude in Namibia or wherever will never slay the stubborn dragon of corruption. Kicking them out of office will work wonders.

From the look on the faces of the three CSs in Uhuru’s entourage to Namibia, the Head of State's tongue-lashing did not move them. Our CSs are full of themselves. They have humongous attitudes.

They think they were appointed to serve their own egos. Do you remember one of them telling Kenyans to go to hell following the death of three rhinos?

They have an attention deficit because they are busy stealing. If you think I am lying let me ask; how did millions of funds grow limbs and walked out of Treasury?

If he is not careful, Uhuru’s legacy will be corruption.