Amos Wako's statement after being banned from US

In Summary

• Says he is "totally indifferent to the revocation of the visa".

Former AG Amos Wako reacts to being banned from the US on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.
Former AG Amos Wako reacts to being banned from the US on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

I have a brief 4 point statement.

1. I retired in August 2011 and for over 8 years, I have not been a member of the Executive. The people of Busia have twice given me the honor and privilege of serving them as their Senator. During this period up to now,although the levels of corruption have considerably risen, I have not been mentioned, suspected, investigated or prosecuted in connection with corruption. However, I have been a witness in the Anglo Leasing cases. I was therefore baffled and perplexed when out of the blue, without any notification whatsoever or being given the fundamental right of being heard on any allegations against me, the travel ban was announced on 18th November 2019 by the State Department of U.S.A. Where has the utter commitment to the protection of human rights Rule of Law and Constitutionalism gone in USA?

2. The reasons given on 4th November 2009 for the revocation of my Visa and the permanent suspension of my entry into the United States were that I had engaged in corrupt actions which adversely affected the national interests of U.S.A.The current travel ban is allegedly because of my involvement insignificant corruption. They both relate to my period as Attorney General.It is an old story being resuscitated for reasons best known to them.Instead of dealing with developments since the travel ban 10 years ago,one wonders why should a travel ban be issued when there is already one in place issued 10 years ago based on the same reasons?

3. I and the people of Kenya are entitled to full disclosure on general allegations of corruption against me. These nebulous accusations and aspersions do not help in the fight against corruption and can be defamatory in nature. As regards the previous travel ban, on my 2 instructions and personal authorization, my attorney in Washington D.C.,on 24th October 2012 applied to receive under the Freedom of Information Act copies of all the documents relating to the 4th November 2009 revocation of the A.I Diplomatic Visa which had been issued to me on 16th September 2008. In spite of numerous reminders, it took over 6 months for the US Department of State to reply. The reply was to the effect that they are unable to provide any information on our request. This leads me to demand that if indeed U.S.A. is a valued and serous partner in the fight against corruption, let them share with me and also make public in Kenya, the full particulars of the allegations of corruption against me. I am confident of my own integrity and have nothing to hide. Failure to do this,will put a question mark on their rhetoric about fighting corruption.

4. My family was not involved at all when I was discharging my functions as Attorney General. My son is an adult and a good and successful Legal practitioner living an independent life. Even if I committed the sin of corruption, which I emphatically deny, it would be my personal responsibility and my wife and son and indeed all members of my family should not be punished for my sins. The mention of my wife and son was in bad taste.

In conclusion let me:1. Reiterate what I stated in a lengthy statement after the 4th November 2009 travel ban, “ I am totally indifferent to the revocation of the visa…” by U.S.A

2. I am eternally grateful to God who has continued to bless me even more and enabled me continue playing important roles in Kenya, in the region and internationally.