World Milk Day marked on June 1

In Summary

• Milk contains nutritional elements such as calcium and vitamin D that help bone and teeth strength.

Milk powder
Milk powder
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World Milk Day is celebrated on June 1 and was initiated in 2001 by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which actively encourages milk and dairy consumption as part of a daily diet.

According to the Kenya Dairy Board over 5.2 billion litres of milk is produced in Kenya each year with 70% of this is consumed untreated and unpacked (loose); the safety of these products cannot be guaranteed.  Of all the milk produced only 30% is processed and packaged with safety guaranteed.

Here are some facts about milk:


  • Milk contains nutritional elements such as calcium and vitamin D that help bone and teeth strength. It is also composed of a great amount of water molecules that ensure rehydration.


  • Loose milk is the milk that is poured directly from the milkman’s container into a jar or plastic bag. It is likely to contain harmful bacteria and additives.


  • Loose milk is usually handled in unsterile environment; it is exposed to light, sun, oxygen and in some cases, additives (for life prolonging purposes).


  • Boiling loose milk at home does not make it safe because the temperature at which it is boiled is not high enough to destroy all bacteria and microorganisms. Also boiling milk for several minutes destroys all the nutrients.


  • Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) is a technology where milk gets exposed to a brief heating of 135-140 Degrees Celsius for 4 seconds then it is cooled immediately which destroys bacteria without affecting the nutritional value of the milk. This process takes place in a closed sterile environment which prevents contamination.


  • Tetra Pak’s six-layer carton package forms a barrier against light, sun and oxygen, eliminating the need for refrigeration (before opening the package) and preventing spoilage without the need of preservatives.


  • Once the milk package is opened it must be refrigerated and would last for one week.

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