Ruto forms team to address Uhuru's retirement perks issues

The decision was made during a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday

In Summary
  • "It will be led by the Head of Public Service, to immediately address all the issues raised."
  • The office spokesperson Kanze Dena alleged that the former president has been deprived of funds.
President William during a Cabinet meeting
President William during a Cabinet meeting
Image: PCS

President William Ruto has constituted a team to address all the retirement perks issues raised by the Office of the Fourth President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The team will be led by Head of Public Service Felix Koskei.

"It will immediately address all the issues raised, including the location of the retired President’s office and the attendant staff establishment," State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed said.

According to Hussein, Ruto made the decision following a phone conversation with the former President regarding concerns about facilitating the functions of the retired president's office.

The talks between the two come a day after Uhuru's office raised concerns over what it claimed was a failure by the government to address its constitutional needs.

Uhuru's Spokesperson Kanze Dena alleged that the former president had been deprived of funds.

Out of Sh655 million allocated to the office in the 2022/2023 financial year,  they claimed they have received only Sh28 million.

"That is approximately 4.4 per cent of the total budget that year," Kanze said. 

This, Kanze said excludes payment of salaries and medical insurance.

She also said the retired President has not been provided with a fully furnished and maintained office.

Kanze said the State House made it clear that the office in Nyari should be the one used by Uhuru as the government bought it.

'The statement that the retired President enjoys a fully furnished and maintained office is incorrect. To date, the matter has never been resolved," she said.

She said the late President Mwai Kibaki picked the office in Nyari, as suitable for himself, as such, she noted that Uhuru was also entitled to choose an office that would be suitable for him to serve his mandate.

The Office of the Fourth President further alleged that only two official trips undertaken by Uhuru have been honoured by the government.

Kanze said Uhuru has undertaken several official trips related to the roles and duties he has been engaged in. 

"The trip to Ethiopia on matters concerning the peace process led by the African Union and the one to Burundi which was the 11th Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the East African Community, on issues pertaining to the peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo," she claimed.

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