Strides CBC has made since its implementation in 2017

Currently, CBC has been implemented up to Grade 8 and the 8-4-4 curriculum was successfully phased out last year

In Summary
  • The 2024 Grade 8 learners were the very first CBC class and will be the first Senior School cohort in 2026.
  • Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development CEO Charles Ong'ondo said the CBC curriculum designs have so far been developed up to Grade 10.
A teacher instructs a Grade 4 pupil at Oloolua Primary School in Kajiado county.
LITERACY LEVELS: A teacher instructs a Grade 4 pupil at Oloolua Primary School in Kajiado county.
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Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development has so far developed Competency-Based Curriculum designs to Grade 10.

KICD CEO Charles Ong'ondo said Print Curriculum Support Materials like books have been provided up to Grade 8.

“Also, the curriculum designs adapted for learners with hearing impairment, visual impairment and physical handicap are up to Grade 10,” he said.

CBC was first unveiled in December 2017 when the Ministry of Education sought to equip learners with skills relevant for the job market and do away with the 8-4-4 knowledge-based curriculum.

It puts emphasis on seven core competencies namely, communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and imagination, citizenship, digital literacy, learning to learn and self-efficacy.

While 8-4-4 was phased out for mounting pressure on learners to perform highly in exams, CBC was unveiled to churn out engaged, empowered and ethical learners.

8-4-4 at all stages focussed on passing exams while CBC with its 2-6-3-3-3 approach has a different target for learners at each stage.

The first Basic Education level with CBC is pre-school, which targets to equip the learner with interaction skills for two years.

The next six years from Grade 1 to 6 at Primary School level focuses on learner's skills specialisation.

At Junior School level from Grade 7 to 9, the focus is on exploration.

At Senior School from Grade 10 to 12, the focus is pre-career specialisation.

Currently, CBC has been implemented to Grade 8 as the 8-4-4 curriculum was successfully phased out from primary schools last year.

This year's Grade 8 learners were the very first CBC class and will be the first Senior School cohort in 2026.

KICD has prepared Print Curriculum Support Materials to be evaluated for Grade 9 in six learning areas.

Additionally, stage-based curriculum designs developed for Special Needs Education at Foundational, Intermediate, Pre-vocational and Vocational levels have already been prepared.

On tutors preparedness to teach the new curriculum, teachers dealing with PP1, PP2, Grade 1-7 learners have been oriented on CBC.

“We have had continuous orientation of teachers through a multi sectoral approach using the cascade model,” Ong'ondo said.

He said KICD also developed and rolled out an upgraded programme for trained teachers.

Ong’ondo said Competency-Based Teacher Education has also been developed for Early Childhood Teacher Education, Primary Teacher Education and Secondary Teacher Education.

KICD is currently undertaking a course upgrade for both ECDE and Primary teachers.

He said guidelines for microteaching and practicum have been provided.

Senior school is set to enroll the first cohort of Grade 10 learners in 2026.

“Senior school comprises three years of education for learners in the age bracket of 15 to 18 years and marks the end of Basic Education as defined in the Basic Education Act, 2013,” he said.

Ong'ondo said it lays the foundation for further education and training at the tertiary level and the world of work.

Learners exiting this level are expected to be "engaged, empowered and ethical citizens" ready to participate in the socio-economic development of the nation.

At this level, he said learners are ready to specialise in a career path of choice since they have had opportunities to explore their own potential, interests and personality.

The Pre-Career stage entails students learning core and elective subjects based on career choice, interests, personality and aptitude.

Senior Schools will offer three career pathways which are Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Social Sciences commonly known as humanities and final one is performing arts, music and athletics.

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