Ruto showers AIPCA with gifts as church marks 100 years

The President said the government had donated Sh50 million to the church.

In Summary
  • The government will buy land and build the country's AIPCA headquarters.
  • The government will support the church to buy a building to invest in an income generating activity.
President William Ruto during the AIPCA church centenary celebrations at Kasarani stadium on February 25, 2024
President William Ruto during the AIPCA church centenary celebrations at Kasarani stadium on February 25, 2024
Image: PCS

President William Ruto used the AIPCA centenary celebrations on Sunday to announce a Sh50 million government donation to the church.

The President who graced the occasion at Nairobi's Kasarani gymnasium said the donation by his administration will go towards the construction of the AIPCA college.

At the same time, the president said the government of Kenya would buy land and build the headquarters of the church as part of the state's reciprocity to the church's past sacrifices in the fight for independence.

This follows requests from the church leadership that were installed after years of power wrangles that have threatened the future of the 3.5 million-member church.

''The AIPCA is a very unique church that stood to fight for the country's independence, because you had no shame in fighting for freedom, as a government we shall not shy away from standing by you,'' the president said.

Ruto said that, unlike other churches, the AIPCA bore the brunt of the colonialists' firepower when fighting for the country's independence.

The president said the new college will help in training young religious leaders for the church as part of its efforts to spread the word of God.

''I will arrange so that we give you sh50 million to build that college. If that will not be enough, then come back to us,'' Ruto said as he announced the support at the Kasarani Gymnasium.

The president said that although the church had requested the government to buy a piece of land to build its headquarters, the state would buy the same land and build the building.

''If we do that, we shall have reduced the government's debt to you because you suffered when you were fighting for the country's independence,'' he said.

Ruto also said the government will find a way and buy a building that the church can invest in to generate income to sustain its operations and costs.

Ruto's move to donate millions to the AIPCA church comes at a time when a section of bishops asked him to honour his campaign pledges to the church.

The President had during the campaigns entered into memorandums of understanding with religious leaders who supported his presidential campaigns.

Part of the Kenya Kwanza promises to the church included buying land and settling churches that are serving in makeshifts across the country and enabling them to own their land.

His latest move could signal his plans to honour promises and also woo back the church.


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