State calls for high level hygiene amidst new viral infections

Polio and Red-eye cases have been reported in the country

In Summary
  • Mwaura said 14 cases of Polio have emerged from Garissa and Eastleigh.
  • He said the government has taken initiative and activated three rounds of immunisation. 
Government spokesman Isaac Mwaura.
Government spokesman Isaac Mwaura.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has urged Kenyans to maintain high levels of hygiene amidst new viral infections being reported in the country. 

Mwaura spoke on Thursday at the KICC when he addressed the media on the vaccination programme for emerging diseases. 

He noted that viruses like Polio and Red-eye disease have made their way into Kenya from neighbouring countries. 

"To avoid getting the diseases we urge citizens to wash hands, disinfect their belongings and if they happen to contract the disease to self-isolate themselves," Mwaura said. 

"If you have minor symptoms of the red eye use a wet face towel to clean your eyes but if you have severe symptoms, you should seek medical assistance." 

Mwaura said 14 cases of Polio have emerged from Garissa and Eastleigh adding that the government has taken the initiative and activated three rounds of immunisation. 

The Spokesperson also stated that about 7 million children in Kiambu, Garissa, Kajiado and Machakos combined have already been vaccinated but also 993,428 more children are to be vaccinated.

Further, he noted that a river in Rift Valley broke its boundaries leading to flooding and creating an atmosphere for mosquito breeding which in turn has caused an increase in malaria.

The government said that they have distributed mosquito nets to the citizens to help them protect themselves.

The spokesperson stated that red eye disease was first spotted in Mombasa and other areas affected include: Lamu, and Malindi.

Reports state there have been three cases in Nairobi and one case in Kisii.

“The red eye disease spreads when we touch the eyes of an infected person and touch ours in return but as much as it is highly contagious it isn’t too severe,” Mwaura said.

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