Kenyans raise uproar over power outage in several areas

The power outage was experienced from 8 pm.

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  • Kenyans on X and other social media platforms shared their grievances over the outage.
Kenya Power staff at work.
Kenya Power staff at work.
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Kenyans took to social media to complain over a power outage that has hit several parts of the country.

The power outage was experienced from 8 pm.

Kenya Power said the power outage was as a result of a suspected fault affecting the power system.

"We are working to restore normalcy within the shortest time possible. An update on the restoration progress will be issued in due course," Kenya Power said in a statement on Sunday.

The company apologised for the inconvenience caused.

Kenyans on X and other social media platforms shared their grievances following the blackout. 

"Kenya Power (KPLC ) is experiencing a Nationwide Power Blackout for the third time in less than 3 months. Sad!" an X user posted.

Other Kenyans compared the situation to what other Africans allegedly face.

"Kama hivi ndio Nigerians hufeel everyday of their life, then I understand why every Nigerian youths goal is to leave Nigeria as soon as they can. Electricity is a basic need in this era. KPLC mnatutesa bana." 

On Saturday, Kenya Power issued an electricity outage advisory to only three counties and its adjacent areas, they experienced a blackout on Sunday. 

The counties are Machakos, Kiambu, and Kilifi. 

In Machakos County, parts of College Road, Miwani, Manza, Sweet Waters, Mumbuni, Kathiani, Ngoleni, Kaviani, Kwa Musyoka will experience a blackout. 

Other areas in the county include; Tumba, Mutituni, Ngeleni, Ivumbuni, Mua Kyasila, Ivovoani, Kivutini, Kaloleni, Ngelani, Kisekini, Thinu, Kamuthanga, Kenol, and adjacent areas. 

The interruptions were experienced from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

In Kiambu County, Kenya Power said there will be power interruptions from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm in parts of Kiambu Town, parts of Githunguri Town, Tinganga, Ndumberi, Kanuri, Banana, Kiambaa, Muchatha, Kanunga, and Kamiti Corner. 

Other areas are;  Njathaini Road, Edenville, Mugumo, Kiamumbi, Kirigiti, Riabai, Kiambu High, Kanunga, Kagwe, Gitwe, Redhill, Farmers Choice, Rironi, Githiga, Kamuchenge, Kamondo and adjacent areas. 

In Kilifi County, residents of Vipingo Shauri Moyo, Plantation, Mandharini, Pazuri Homes, Mavueni, Dsitsoni, Jaribuni Quarries, Chasimba, Mwarakaya, Pinglikani, Silala Mwakolo, and adjacent areas will experience power interruptions. 


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