Wavinya Ndeti to Mwangaza: Don't be afraid, God is with you

She however advised to dissolve the county and allow the county residents to vote for their leaders afresh

In Summary

•She said people of Meru overwhelmingly voted for Mwangaza in 2022 elections because of the love they have for her

•Members of the Meru County Assembly on impeached the governor in a motion held on Wednesday

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.
Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza.
Image: PCS

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has defended her embattled Meru counterpart Kawira Mwangaza.

Speaking on Saturday, Ndeti said she will stand with Mwangaza not just as a fellow woman but based on the fact that she was doing a good job in improving the welfare of the poor in Meru.

She said people of Meru overwhelmingly voted for Mwangaza in the 2022 elections because of the love they have for her, and said it was uncalled for MCAs to impeach her twice.

Wavinya however suggested that the county should be dissolved and  county residents allowed to vote for their leaders afresh.

“Mimi nasimama na dada yangu Kawira Mwangaza, hamuwezi impeach mtu mara mbili. Mimi kama mama nitasimama na dada yangu, na nimwambie Governor Kawira kama hawa watu wanakusumbua dissolve county, chukua signature wewe na MCA mrudi nyumbani watu wachaguane tena,” Ndeti said.

This is translated to mean, “As a woman I will stand with my sister Mwangaza. You cannot impeach someone twice. But I call on her if this does not end to collect signatures, dissolve the county so that everyone goes back on ground to seek fresh re-election.”

The Machakos Governor urged  Mwangaza to be firm and trust God who placed her in the position, adding that the Senate is composed of reasonable people who will assess the matter and give the best way forward.

“Keep trusting in God as you have always done my sister Governor Kawira. God will never forsake you. Let him fight this battle for you," she said.

"You will once again be vindicated; the truth will set you free my friend. I am standing with you in prayers. Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you!”Ndeti added.

Members of the Meru County Assembly impeached Mwangaza on Wednesday.

A total of 59 MCAs, all of whom were at the Assembly, out of the total 69 voted in support of the impeachment motion.

This is the second time the governor is impeached by the Meru Assembly after the first attempt last year failed at the Senate Assembly.

Attempts by Governor Mwangaza's defence team to absolve her from blame fell flat as the MCAs went on to eject her from office.

A section of UDA female governors have pledged to support Mwangaza after she was impeached.

The impeachment proceedings are now headed to the Senate.

In a statement on Thursday, Nakuru Governor Susan Kihiki advised the Meru county chief to keep her head up high.

On her end, Council of Governor chairperson and Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru advised the Meru county chief to turn to God during this tough time.

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