TSC playing games with single parent teachers - MP Gisairo

The MP regretted that the commission is withholding their transfers.

In Summary
  • The MP told TSC that majority of teachers who lost their spouse are suffering.
  • He asked TSC to have a human face when dealing with teachers' requests.
Kitutu Masaba MP Cleve Gisairo
Kitutu Masaba MP Cleve Gisairo

Kitutu Masaba MP Clive Gisairo has appealed to the Teachers Service Commission to have a human face and effect transfer requests by single parent tutors.

The MP, a member of the National Assembly Departmental Committee on Education, told TSC that the majority of teachers who lost their spouse are suffering.


He said that TSC was relying heavily on the portal alone without looking at cases based on need.

The MP said despite the affected teachers seeking TSC transfers to their home counties to take care of their children, the commission has ignored the requests.

Gisairo asked the TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia to make available to the committee full details of all the teachers who asked for transfers after the delocalisation policy was scrapped.

The details must include the dates when the transfers were requested by the affected teachers in the TSC portal, he said.

 "Some of these teachers had lost their spouses and had asked for transfers to go and take care of their children because now they are single parents," he said during a sitting of the committee on Thursday.

"Unfortunately, the said teachers who are in the category of those who applied in the TSC portal to be transferred are yet to be transferred."

Asking TSC to have a human face when dealing with teachers' requests, the MP said the death certificates submitted by single parents appear to be ignored.

"At what point does TSC have a human face? Does someone have to come with the body of the deceased before burying them for TSC to transfer them or does a dead certificate suffice?" he posed.

The TSC had submitted to the committee that a total of 14,733 teachers had applied to be transferred through the portal by November 30.

However, TSC did not disclose the date when the teachers started applying with Gisairo questioning the nondisclosure of such crucial details.

"We don't know how many have applied since then, or TSC is just playing with the 14, 733 numbers," he said.

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