Top KCPE girl goes on hunger strike after missing dream high school

She wanted to join Kenya High but received an admission to Pangani Girls

In Summary
  • Her parents claim that a teacher at Nyaboke's school admitted to changing her Kenya High school selection in favour of another student.
Kenya High School, Nairobi
Kenya High School, Nairobi
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A family in Kitutu Chache in Kisii is struggling to comfort their 14-year-old daughter and make her break her four-day hunger strike because she missed her first-choice high school and got her second.

Kenya High School, a top girls' national school was her favourite pick. Instead she got her second choice, Pangani Girls, another top school.

PQ, 14, scored 409 marks and was eagerly looking forward to joining the dream school.

During the Form One selection, she apparently picked Kenya High School and when she received the impressive score, she was elated that she would be enlisted into the school.

Her parents, Rebbecca and Samuel claim that a teacher at her primary school has admitted to re-arranging PQ's order of secondary school preference in favour of another student.

"It is a decision that has left my daughter in a foul mood since the results came out, she barely eats and sometimes wakes up at night and bolts out to nowhere," the mother said.

Today, the candidate scarcely joins them at the dining table.

They say she often locks herself away to pen long essays castigating the teacher for allegedly ruining her choice.

Two of her siblings who made it to Alliance are pursuing a medicine course.

The parents said she is still insists on joining Kenya High.

"We have tried all we could to persuade her that Pangani is also a good school but in vain, she still griefs missing Kenya High," Rebbecca said.

They are now appealing to Education CS Ezekiel Machogu to intervene so that their daughter can end her hunger strike.

" We fear losing her, it is close to a week just surviving on sips of water, please someone help," the mother said.

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