Raila's digital card by Nation.Africa clothed as witchdoctor is doctored

In Summary
  • The original card has only one image of Raila and he is not wearing witch doctor’s regalia
The doctored image
The doctored image

A digital card posted on Facebook with images of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga dressed as a witch doctor, has been ALTERED.

The card shows two images; one of Raila in a brightly coloured shirt and the other where he is draped in what appears to be a witch doctor’s attire.

The card bears Nation Africa’s branding, creating the impression it was published by the media house.

But did Nation Africa publish this digital card showing Raila wearing witch doctor’s regalia? We checked.

A scrutiny of the card shows that the second photo of Raila dressed as a shaman was inserted digitally on top of the original image. The photo is not well balanced on the card thus raising a red flag about its authenticity.

Nation Africa did publish a digital card on February 28, 2021, bearing the same quote. However, the original card has a scanning code in the bottom corner of the image that has been obscured by the second image.

PesaCheck has looked into the authenticity of a digital card shared on Facebook with a photo of former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, and allegedly published by Nation Africa and finds that it has been ALTERED.