FALSE: Nyeri County Assembly has not opposed the Punguza Mizigo Bill

County Assembly speaker John Kaguchia has said that the bill was only presented for debate and has not reached the voting stage

Nyeri County Assembly in session.
Nyeri County Assembly in session.

A Facebook post claiming that Nyeri County Assembly has opposed the Punguza Mizigo Bill is MISLEADING.

The post that has been queued as potentially false says that a majority of Nyeri county MCA’s opposed the Punguza Mizigo draft bill by Thirdway Alliance Party party leader Ekuru Aukot even before it is debated saying that its proposals are not practical.

Nyeri County Assembly speaker John Kaguchia told PesaCheck that the bill was only presented to the county ward representatives on August 28. He added that some of the ward reps expressed concerns with some clauses as it was being presented.

Kaguchia said that the bill would be formally debated by the assembly, after which the ward representatives will vote. He added that the debates and voting will happen before the deadline for the vote that has been set for October.

Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot who was in Nyeri told PesaCheck that currently the party is formally presenting the Punguza Mizigo Bill in county assemblies across the country. He added that the assemblies are expected to discuss the bill before eventually voting on it.

The Punguza Mizigo bill majorly seeks to reduce the number of elected positions by cutting the number of MP’s from the current 416 to 147, and doing away with the 290 constituencies, using the 47 counties each as a single constituency instead.

PesaCheck has looked into the claim that Nyeri County Assembly has opposed the Punguza Mzigo bill by Thirdway Alliance and finds it to be FALSE.


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