Warning shots fired at MP demoted from House committee

Woman lawmaker has been knocking doors of House leadership demanding transfer to a better panel

In Summary

•Members of the new committee have planned to make life difficult for the iron lady.

•The team has sent a warning shot not to carry her excesses to the new group.

Parliament Buildings.
Parliament Buildings.
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FORTUNES OF A powerful woman legislator who recently decamped from Kieleweke to Tangatanga seem to be falling fast. The MP has been demoted from the prestigious position she held at a plum committee to a mere member of another parliamentary team. This didn’t go well with the MP as she has been visiting House leadership offices protesting at the turn of events. The leaders at her new home, which is headed by the Kieleweke leaning team, were overheard vowing to make her toe the line and has sent a warning shot that she doesn't carry her excesses to the new committee.


IF THERE IS an outcry that city residents want to draw to the attention of the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai (pictured), it is about police harassment at the break of darkness around Afya Centre and Bus Station areas. Squads of officers have selectively been carrying out arrests targeting young men who are heading to various destinations after work on grounds that they do not put on masks. When they make arrests, they handcuff and take them to a basement of a building around the area where they demand not less than Sh500. Ironically, politicians have been conducting political activities in blatant disregard of the law without any questions from the authorities.



A VOCAL LAWYER who handled a suspicious transaction that is now under probe has gone mute. This is after he was formally informed by an investigation agency that he is under probe for receiving about Sh3 million. The lawyer has been going around seeking opinions on how he can turn his woes into a political topic but was recently informed it was only a matter of time before he is exposed. He has often conducted himself as a clean anti-corruption campaigner and fears the new development will damage his reputation and ruin his political ambitions.  


WHILE MOST MCAs are outlining their achievements as they campaign for reelection, ward reps in a county at the Coast are struggling to shed off a claim that they were pocketed by the executive. Perhaps judging from history, the MCAs have just realised that it would be very difficult for them to be reelected. Their predecessors faced accusations of abdicating their role of oversight and almost all of them were voted out. Locals are now accusing the MCAs of being paid to rubber-stamp decisions of the executive and turn a blind eye to wanton mismanagement of public funds.