State agency staff left in 'panic' over missing Managing Director

Staffers at a state agency have not seen their hands-on boss for a month and are panicking

In Summary

• A communications officer in a governor’s office in Nyanza has become the talking point among journalists. He can't communicate.

•A first-term ODM senator is an angry man after he spent a fortune to be included in a powerful House committee. He was left out, broke.

President Uhuru Kenyatta.
President Uhuru Kenyatta.
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Employees at a state agency are asking the whereabouts of their managing director who has not been seen in public for nearly one month. The man, who has been hands-on in matters of development – personally inspecting and supervising projects on the ground – has suddenly disappeared. This has sent the staff into a state of panic. Their concerns escalated last week after the boss skipped an event attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured). In the past, he has been on hand to receive the head of state and take him around inspecting projects. 

Residents of a constituency in Nairobi are asking hard questions after a building that was being erected on land from which they had been inhumanely ejected suddenly stalled. The constituents were forcefully removed from the land in the middle of the night to pave way for the construction of what their MP said was a hospital. But soon after the project started, it stalled. Today, a number of men are seen manning the compound round the clock. The residents are now wondering whether the MP intended to build the hospital or secure the property for land cartels in the area. They are planning to petition the National Land Commission to come to their rescue.

A first-term senator is an angry man. Reason? After spending a fortune lobbying to be included in a powerful House oversight committee, the man was still left out of the final team unveiled last week. A mole whispers to Corridors that the lawmaker had fought tooth and nail, lobbied and begged his seniors to be selected for the panel. The committee, seen as the face of the Senate, is one of the most powerful. It oversights billions of shillings sent to counties. Distraught and broke, the man said he will never trust his leaders again.

A communication officer working in a governor’s office in Nyanza has become the talking point among journalists in the county. The officer, previously the governor’s spanner boy, is said to be clueless on matters communication and crisis management. Journalists seeking information from him on matters involving the county are saying to be going through hell. Not only is he rude to the scribes, but his statements are also incoherent and full of gaps. Recently, the man threatened a journalist after the scribe forwarded to his boss a ‘horribly written’ statement he had sent out to the newsrooms on the status of a project in the county.