MP stirs rage with name stamped on aid blankets

Fellow with 'a good heart' is said to be nursing ambitions to be governor in 2022.

In Summary

• Constituents say there is no point of labelling donations as they need no reminder on 'who brought what' to their villages. 

• A second-term MP from Upper Eastern thinks h's a big shot and bullies young NYS guards because they don't bow and scrape before him. 

Blankets donated to the cold and needy. Now some bear hte donor's name.
DONATED BLANKETS: Blankets donated to the cold and needy. Now some bear hte donor's name.
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It is not in doubt that politicians would do anything and everything to make themselves household names among their voting constituents. However, a second-term MP from Kisumu county has stretched the quest for attention a bit too far. The lawmaker surprised constituents when he started distributing blankets (other blankets pictured) imprinted with his name in the semi-urban constituency. Residents said this is eroding the dignity of the beneficiaries, the majority of them poor, who are left with no choice but to accept them donations from the Mheshimiwa. The lawmaker whose politics is anchored on freebies is said to harbouring gubernatorial ambitions. Will the blankets make voters warm up to him? 

A lawmaker from the Rift Valley is distraught after his rival dominated events that transpired on the floor to launch scathing attacks on his tenure. The little-known MP suffered a backlash in his rural backyard after his senior in the House questioned his abilities to evaluate issues debated in Parliament. The man's opponent is now running a campaign against the lawmaker basing it on the comment by the senior, who has since confessed having little knowledge of who the man he attacked actually was. Those who picked it up say it would be best if the good leader clarified his remarks to save his colleague.


A second-term MP from Upper Eastern was seen scolding and hurling unprintable expletives at hapless, young NYS guards at a government facility under the Transport ministry. The bystanders at the reception of the agency watched in dismay as the MP talked down to and  disrespected the guards while demanding to be allowed in and treated as a VIP. The arrogant legislator demanded that the guards work hard to find out who he is and his determine his stature. The tantrum might begun after the legislator was asked to which office he was heading since the building houses more than one parastatal.