Muluka meets Ruto man over 'work for DP'

Donation was for development project but some leaders say their stomachs come first; it should be shared out among them

In Summary

• A Jubilee Party-controlled county assembly is idle - literally - because of a 'misunderstanding' with the Executive.  Outstanding allowances not paid.

• Senator who has been attacking his governor shocks county chief with his sudden change of heart and warmth. Might he want his endorsement?  

Former ANC secretary general Barrack Muluka.
Former ANC secretary general Barrack Muluka.
Image: FILE

FORMER ANC SECRETARY-general Barrack Muluka could follow Eliud Owalo to Deputy President William Ruto's political camp. The signals were there all along but Muluka denied them, even after ditching Musalia Mudavadi's ship. However, the cat could be out of the bag. Why? On Thursday afternoon, Muluka had a lengthy meeting with former Energy Minister Davis Chirchir at a high-end city hotel. Chirchir, said to be an IT genius, works closely with DP Ruto. A little bird whispered to Corridors that as they dined next to the pool, they explored how they could work together.  

THE LEADERSHIP OF a church recently hosted by Deputy President William Ruto is said to be split down the middle over a donation the DP made for development purposes. A group of members at the meeting say the money was to be shared among those who attended. The group is said to be very bitter after not receiving a penny from the meeting and is now asking politicians who convened the session to come clean on whether the money was to be shared or was intended for a church project. Other church members are said to have argued that part of the money was to be shared and the balance spent on a project.

A JUBILEE PARTY-controlled county assembly is idle – literally. The assembly has run out of business and members simply attend sittings to sign the attendance list to 'earn' allowances. The sittings barely last 20 minutes and the speaker is forced to adjourn the session for lack of business. This has been the situation for nearly a year. The House leadership, including the Majority and Minority leaders, rarely attend. Some MCAs tell Corridors they are demoralised because of the accumulated outstanding allowances. The assembly, they said, has been broke for months following internal wrangles and ‘misunderstanding’ between the House and the Executive.


A SENATOR WHO has been at loggerheads with his governor recently shocked the county chief who appeared before a Parliamentary committee. The county boss was summoned to answer audit queries. During the session, the senator expressed unexpected camaraderie, shielding the governor from tough questions posed by the committee. After the meeting, the lawmaker walked his governor out  and held a 30-minute talk with him as other county officers watched in disbelief. Some officers asked themselves why the senator, who has been critical of the governor’s administration, had suddenly changed. One of them said he could be negotiating for support as the governor is existing the scene in 2022.