Committee chair parties with suspect of probe

The suspect owns a popular watering hole visited by the chairman, who ensured he sailed through 'grilling'

In Summary

• MP from Nyanza in trouble as he is unable to service a loan he took to buy a house in Karen and the NG-CDF didn't come through.

• A director in a water entity was so furious he was denied a chance to loot that he sent out a fake press release announcing his bosses' arrest for graft.

DP William Ruto and NASA leader Raila Odinga
HAPPIER DAYS: DP William Ruto and NASA leader Raila Odinga
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A Nyanza MP is a worried man. Reason? A bank is on his neck over a Sh80 million loan he's unable to service. The controversial legislator is said to have taken the loan to purchase a house on Karen Estate in Nairobi 'to be on the same level with his party leader Raila Odinga (pictured) and Deputy President William Ruto (pictured)'. A little bird has whispered to Corridors the man was banking on the National Government-Constituency Development Fund to help him service the loan. However, he is depressed over the bank's move since he's yet to receive the funds. And it's said when the word went round that he is broke, people have started shunning him for fear of being asked to bail him out.


The spotlight is now on the chairman of a parliamentary committee who has been spotted on several occasions frolicking, quaffing and partying away at a popular joint owned by a premier suspect under investigation in one of the scandals that rocked the country in recent months. The chairman is said to have downed one too many and his roving eye would check out likely prospects sauntering in. A frequent patron says the establishment's boss could have splurged a fortune to ensure an uneventful 'grilling' by the committee. Misgivings have been expressed about the tepid quality of the questions posed by members and guided by the chairman.


There's an uproar among senior staff in a referral hospital after a female department head became an overnight lioness. A mole in the hospital tells Corridors of Power the lady who was recently appointed to head the department has taken over by storm, even 'prefecting' other staff who do not fall under her department. The abrasive middle-aged lady is said to shout at anyone she finds along the hospital corridors, a situation said to have reached 'the boiling point'. Staff members say if she continues with the same behavior, they would seek an audience with the hospital’s chief executive officer.


Just how far can one take their bitterness after losing an opportunity to dip their fingers in the till? Well, a director of a water authority appears to be going all the way to fight back for that lost time. He has engaged in a media fight with the authority’s managers whom he feels are the cause of his woes, having missed trips and opportunities to influence tenders. He recently came up with a fake story of how the authority’s bosses were arrested for graft involving tenders. The man then went ahead and dispatched to newsrooms the fake press statement announcing the arrest of his adversaries.