Governor's men consider torching EACC regional office

County boss unable to scuttle his graft case, he and his pals stunned, desperate and furious at watchdog

In Summary

• Governor's supporters rumoured to plan to torch EACC regional offices, signage pulled down.

• House committee probing the monumental scandal are entangled in a fierce battle on the recommendations and who should be summoned to testify.

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption headquarters in Nairobi.
INTEGRITY CENTRE: The Ethics and Anti-Corruption headquarters in Nairobi.
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A governor and his close confidants cannot believe their political careers are coming to an end. The county chief was recently charged by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission with embezzlement of county funds. It’s whispered the man tried by all means to scuttle his case. So irritated are these people that there were rumours of a plan to torch a regional EACC office. EACC signage was pulled down by individuals believed to be the governor's supporters. However, the elaborate EACC intelligence had already picked the arson threat and the county chief put on notice that he risks facing another criminal charge. Well, at Integrity Centre (pictured), it's no longer business as usual.


A board member at one of the parastatals under the Ministry of Energy is said to be chest-thumping that he is likely to be appointed the chairman of another parastatal in the same docket. A bird in the parastatal has whispered to Corridors that the term of the chairman of the other parastatal is due to end in a month’s time. The man who could not resist boasting was overheard telling his colleagues that he will immediately order a clean-up in the entire parastatal that will affect top management. Only time will tell if he will succeed.



The members of a departmental committee in the National Assembly probing the monumental Covid supplies scandal are entangled in a fierce battle on the recommendations and who to be summoned to testify. The tussle has seen the leadership boxed in and taken hostage as rumours swirl that they could be beneficiaries of the heist. Corridors understands that the feud emanated after some members demanded that all companies adversely mentioned to have traded and supplied air to government must be summoned. It was then that the chairman recoiled and went mute. Is it any wonder that the committee asked pesky questions when the government officials showed up?


Two county chiefs are on edge after it emerged they splurged a fortune to scuttle the revenue formula that saw senators engage in a push-and-pull debate 10 times. The county chiefs under the radar of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission sleuths are said to have dished out a tidy sum leading to their current woes. It is said, however, they will be in for rough and tumble as their constituents and detectives breathe fire after having lost a fortune trying to sway the formula. One of them is said to be trying his luck by having a political stalwart in the country intervene in exchange for political support.