Governor, ex-officials 'take' five new county tractors

Nyanza county ordered 12 tractors for farmers but two ex-CECs gave three to the governor, kept two for themselves

In Summary

• Employees of a parastatal are misusing public money, giving the board chairman Sh600,000 per month in 'mileage allowances'. 

• A county assembly speaker is on the spot for handpicking an incompetent communications officer as as a clerk. 

Agriculture CS Peter Munya.
ARE YOU LISTENING? Agriculture CS Peter Munya.

Is Agriculture CS Peter Munya aware of malpractices in one of the parastatals under his docket? A small bird tells Corridors that senior officials in the parastatal are busy misusing public funds to please the board chairman. A complaint seen by our hawk-eyed  little bird says the officials have been advancing Shh600,000 to the chairman per month, supposedly as mileage allowances. The chairman has been given an official vehicle by the parastatal. The board boss is said to be eyeing a political seat in 2022 in a county in Western region. Concerned staff not only want Munya to step in and end the blatant theft of public resources, but they also want the EACC to take up the matter.


A governor from Nyanza and two of his former Chief Executive Committee members - a youth and an academician - are a worried lot. Why? Anti-corruption sleuths are snooping around the procurement of a dozen tractors at the county, pushing the trio to the edge of panic. The two CECs reportedly took three tractors to the county boss’s home and each took one for themselves, leaving the county with seven. One of the CECs disposed of the vehicle immediately and is said to be putting up a small hotel from the proceeds. The other one has opted to hire out his machine to farmers.



A brother of a Cabinet Secretary has become the talk of town over his involvement in an ongoing graft investigation at a government parastatal. The brother to the CS is said to be constantly in communication with the embattled chief executive under probe. This has drawn suspicion that the CS's brother might be offering protection to the CEO. Ministry officials are now wondering whether the man who also holds a senior government office is acting on his own or on behalf of his sibling. In the fullness of time, Corridors will expose the rogue brother to a CS.


A county assembly speaker could be in trouble with MCAs after he reportedly handpicked a communication officer as the acting assembly clerk. The officer is said to have no legal background and has been facing troubles advising the MCAs and even the speaker on legal matters. Insiders say that the acting clerk has sought the services of junior clerks to help sort out legal matters. Recently, some MCAs were perturbed after the clerk was unable to give a legal opinion on a matter they wanted to bring before the assembly. The ward reps vowed to push the speaker to fire the clerk for incompetence.