MP evasive about Sh1 million Covid-19 pledge

Intended recipient county government wants to know where the money for a hospital is

In Summary

• The money was supposed to be a donation from his family and friends, the MP has said.

• A woman leader in an ASAL has been a rising star, but her elders want to lynch her at the ballot for her 'shameful acts'. 

Test tube for testing presence of the coronavirus.
COVID-19 TEST: Test tube for testing presence of the coronavirus.

An MP from Nyanza must be regretting that he ran his mouth to pledge a Sh1 million donation to a county government to set up a facility to aid the Covid-19 emergency response. The man is now under pressure to avail to the county the pledge he made in public, which was to go towards building the health facility. In his promise, the MP said the money was a donation from his family and friends. Officials of the intended recipient county government were overheard wondering loudly about the donation, having sought to factor it into the preparedness reports shared with the Wycliffe Oparanya-led Council of Governors.

It now appears the some senators have got back their voice and footing in the contested revenue formula after successfully outwitting and dodging machinations to defeat their cause. Corridors understands the group of intrepid senators defied all odds to stake their claim on the floor, beating a well-orchestrated  system at their own game. A trio of laddish MPs thwarted overtures to lure them into some isolated corners in the House to be coaxed and wheedled to change their hard stance. It remains to be seen if they will crack and buckle under pressure or will stand and be counted at the hour of reckoning.

A woman leader from one of the ASAL counties could be headed for political doom following the plans by elders from her community out to extinguish her completely. The lawmaker, whose Star was rising steadily until Covid-19 disrupted political activities, has been marked for lynching at the ballot in the next elections. A meeting was held at her county last weekend and a new face popped up for the 2022 poll. An MP whispers to Corridors that the decision was arrived at following the woman leader’s 'shameful acts, which the grouping says subjected the community to ridicule.