CORRIDORS OF POWER: Rift Valley MP persuades colleagues to decamp from DP Ruto

Rift Valley MP persuades colleagues to decamp from DP Ruto

In Summary

• Police officers in Central Kenya fear charging son of a powerful family.

• Fraud in Saccos reach another level, time for commissioner for cooperatives to swing into action.

Deputy President William Ruto.
Deputy President William Ruto.

A SECOND-TERM MP from Deputy President Ruto’s Rift Valley backyard is the talk of the town. The outspoken MP is said to be going into overdrive ‘recruiting’ fellow legislators to ditch the DP’s camp in exchange for mouth-watering goodies. The MP, who does not see eye to eye with Ruto, is said to have approached at least five DP allies trying to persuade them to change allegiance. A female nominated lawmaker was heard complaining that the MP was using every trick to persuade her to switch camps in exchange for the security of her seat.

POLICE OFFICERS IN a county in Central Kenya are on the spot after they failed to charge the son of a powerful family in the region for misusing a firearm. The middle-aged man allegedly fired several shots in the air in the middle of the night, shocking the entire neighbourhood. According to those in the know, the man was having a party in their apartment. Apparently, under the influence of alcohol, he walked to the rooftop from where he fired the gunshots. Residents said police officers have not charged him for carelessly using his firearm, despite several statements being recorded with them.

MEGA FRAUD IN Saccos is fast becoming the norm in Kenya. Just this month, a sacco whose members are mostly government employees lost millions in what is said to be a well-orchestrated fraud by insiders. It is said that more than Sh9 million was lost but only about Sh2 million had been recovered when the cover of the fraudsters was blown. The matter was reportedly taken to the police. But in what could signal even more trouble, some insiders whispered to Corridors that the theft is bigger than is believed. It is said that the Sacco has lost in excess of Sh128 million in the recent past. Members are mainly from a government department, with troubled pending bills running into millions. Maybe the commissioner for cooperatives needs to swing into action and save members' savings in all Saccos across the country. 

SOME TWO PERSONAL assistants to a prominent government official have left tongues wagging. Why? The two are said to call the shots and very powerful government officials have to answer to them. However, even more shocking is that the PAs are driven in V8 cars, complete with guards. It’s said that the two officials are notorious for intimidating parastatal chiefs. In fact, it is said that the big cars they use are from the state corporations. Well, it is a story of the haves and the have-nots. So when the government talks about austerity measures, to some government insiders, it sounds like a joke.