Jubilee MP left disappointed after 'tricking' colleagues ahead of Uhuru meeting

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In Summary
  • The politician then unashamedly assumed the role of an usher during the  State House Jubilee meeting yesterday.
  • A sister in-law of key figure in the opposition outfit Nasa has become a torn in the flesh for the family members
President Uhuru Kemyatta
President Uhuru Kemyatta
Image: PSCU

Did some Jubilee MPs move around tricking their colleagues that they would influence far-reaching changes into the party being executed by President Uhuru Kenyatta? Well, Corridors of Power is informed that one of the lawmakers from Mt Kenya may have a task to clean his image in the coming days. He collected some money from a couple of influential politicians, promising them high-ranking positions in the House. The politician then unashamedly assumed the role of an usher during the  State House Jubilee meeting yesterday. However, he left a disappointed man. First, he did not get the post he was angling for and, second, that his scheme flopped. Bad day for him it was.

And still on matters to do with Jubilee politics, a female MP from one of the Northeastern counties has become the laughingstock of her supporters. Reason? The legislator is said to have assured the electorate in her several WhatsApp groups that she had engineered the downfall of Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale. A member of one of the groups told Corridors that the woman went as far as disclosing to the members that “she was the next big thing” in the Jubilee government. The first time legislator is reported to have fallen out with Duale at the height of last year's Embrace Movement rallies.  But as they say, do not count your chicks before they hatch. The politician was left with bad egg on her face when Duale survived the changes announced yesterday.

A sister-in-law of a key figure in the Opposition outfit NASA has become a thorn in the flesh of the family members of the politician. A source in the family has whispered to Corridors that the middle-aged woman has taken the politician hostage and now dictates to him how he should spend his money. The woman is said to have moved into the home late last year after the politician’s marriage hit rock bottom. And as if that is not enough, the powerful woman is also said to have resorted to harassing several support staff working for the politician.

A senior manager in one of the parastatals in the Ministry of Energy is the target of fury by staff. The manager who heads a crucial department is accused of highhandedness, tribalism, arrogance and intimidation. The manager who is said to be the sister of a top government official is even reported to overrule the managing director of the parastatal . A mole at the state parastatal says the staff have already petitioned the office of the Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua since the woman appears untouchable even by the board.