Ruto allies snub meeting at Kithure Kindiki's home

Did some allies of William Ruto snub a meeting at Kithure Kindiki's home?

In Summary
  • Some Ruto forces snub a team meeting with Kindiki. 
  • ODM members enjoying the fruits "of being in government".
Former Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki
Former Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki
Image: FILE

Did some allies of Deputy President William Ruto snub a meeting at ousted Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki’s home? Well, our small bird says despite being whipped through their usual Tangatanga WhatsApp group, most of the DP’s foot-soldiers opted to stay away from the session that was full of political defiance undertones. It is said some of those who did not attend claimed they were fearing a political onslaught from the state. With many MPs deserting Ruto’s camp, only a handful known to have deep pockets have been left standing. Call it a change of fortunes.

It seems some ODM members are really celebrating the tribulations in the ruling Jubilee Party. Last week, some close allies of ODM boss Raila Odinga were overheard conversing and bursting out laughing how their leader was now the ‘engine’ of the government. The three MPs, all from Nyanza, were at a car park in Parliament where they said it was now ‘our time’ to celebrate after years of enduring abuses and ridicule from the ruling party. The leaders said they will continue supporting the handshake and the President’s agenda as long as they enjoy the sweet fruits of “being in government”.

A Jubilee blogger associated with DP William Ruto has bitten the finger that feeds him. Sources whispered to Corridors that the blogger has been giving out some sensitive information to discredit a parastatal chief, who, ironically, is his benefactor. During their happy days in Jubilee, the chief executive officer accepted to “hold the hands” of one of the blogger’s siblings. He was handed a decent job — permanent and pensionable. However, because of the nasty political falling-out in Jubilee, the blogger is tearing at all and sundry. Will the CEO let be, or will she avenge the war being waged against her? Only time will tell.

A falling-out between two MPs from Nyanza over Sh50 million tender at a government ministry could spill into the open in the coming days. The tender associated with the supply of some equipment may sever the duo’s cordial ties. It is said that while they were paid millions without delivering anything, the sharing of the ‘loot’ has sparked a bitter war between them. At the centre of the falling-out is Sh20 million that was paid a week ago through their account in a first-tier bank. Unfortunately, a loophole in their bank authorisation, which gave either to sign for withdrawal of money, saw one MP cash a substantial amount to the chagrin of his partner. The situation, Corridors understands, could get messy and nasty in the coming days after the disgruntled partners threatened to spill the beans. A senior government official is also said to be in the mix.