Powerful hands greased to let Kasarani bars 'close'

Alcohol dealers are under strict orders to consider home deliveries

In Summary

• Rogue cops take bribes to let bars open in Nairobi's Kasarani. 

• Corridors understands that since the curfew started, some unscrupulous officers deployed to enforce the orders in informal settlements have used it to make money

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. /File
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. /File

Who is protecting bar owners in Nairobi's Kasarani area? Health CS Mutahi Kagwe ordered the closure of all bars to facilitate social distancing to help fight the coronavirus. Alcohol dealers are under strict orders to consider home deliveries. But it seems bar owners in the area have found an easy way to circumvent the directive. A mole intimates to Corridors that a number of bars operate behind closed doors after greasing the palms of some powerful law enforces whose word is law in the area. The players have put eyes at strategic locations to monitor the movements of cops who are not part of the scheme. 

Still on law enforcement, is Police IG  Hillary Mutyambai aware some of his officers are extorting poor slum dwellers? Well, Corridors understands that since the dusk-to-dawn curfew started, some unscrupulous officers deployed to enforce the orders in the informal settlements have used it to make money. Boda boda riders and those caught out past 7pm are parting with at least Sh200 to secure their freedom. In some instances, the officers pocket money from the riders to allow them to operate past curfew. Maybe it is time the IG considers rotating the officers to break up the extortion ring that is draining dry the already strained residents, to say nothing of ignoring bar closure.

Some Nyanza MPs seem to be having a hard time meeting their constituents’ expectations for financial assistance. A group of lawmakers is stung by criticism that a colleague who just got to Parliament the other day is faring well in terms of excellent contacts with his people. They say people are only good at talking from outside. The MPs say voters, especially elites, need to understand that they can equally go broke. But what the professionals, in the conversation Corridors is privy to, want is that the leaders at least support their constituents to fight Covid-19. Is that too much to ask?

Doctors and nurses at a South Rift county are competing over a vacant post for Medical Services Chief Officer. Doctors want a lady who is holding the post in an acting capacity, while nurses support a former senior official said to be harbouring political ambitions. The nurses are now threatening to go slow if the man is not appointed. But doctors say the man is scandalous and was behind the loss of computers at a referral hospital in the region. The medics also say the man will not have time to deliver on their issues before 2022. Insiders tell Corridors the sideshows risk influencing the decision of the county’s Public Service Board on filling the post.