Corridors of Power: Killing of AP in Sh72m bank heist sparks row

Senior officers at a police station in Nairobi are blaming their juniors for doing a shoddy job

In Summary

•A mole privy to the goings-on at the station told Corridors that senior officers have disagreed over the cop's killing in Kayole, Njiru sub-county.

Hillary Mutyambai being sworn in
Hillary Mutyambai being sworn in


Things are thick at a police station in Nairobi following the recent killing of an AP  officer who was linked to the Sh72 million ATM cash heist last year. A mole privy to the goings-on at the station told Corridors that senior officers have disagreed over the cop's killing in Kayole. The mole says a day doesn't pass without the matter cropping up at the station's tin-hut offices. The trigger-happy officers are being blamed by their seniors. Of concern to the officer – who wants to know how far Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai (pictured) has dealt with the matter, is that his seniors are not scared that a colleague was fatally shot. He believes the execution plot was casually done.


A small bird has whispered to Corridors that a politician colluded with police officers to fake his arrest. He asked one of his supporters to call the police and inform them of an illegal assembly despite the ban on such meetings. Police came and purportedly dispersed the youth and the politician. Interestingly, the police, some in uniform and some in plain clothes whisked the politician from Western away in his own car. 


Still in Western, we recently told you of a governor who when asked to fire staff, sends them to a non-existent county headquarters’ office. Well, the man now seems to be rolling out a detailed payback plan to punish fellows who staged the removal of the officer - who now earns a free salary as the office he was seconded to was closed eons ago. The county boss has since removed his critics from key oversight institutions and replaced them with his cronies in efforts to remove any elements of scrutiny of his excesses. MCAs who also sought to remove him after recommending the sacking of some senior officials have suffered in the purge. An observer told Corridors the governor is just covering up for his administration’s failure.


An MP is now on the receiving end after dashing to purchase hundreds of water tanks and labeling his name as CDF funded initiative to help constituents combat the spread of coronavirus which is now a national and international health concern. The lawmaker with ambition for a top county seat has distributed the plastic tanks all over the county forgetting they were labelled a constituency initiative. Many constituents are now wondering why their CDF allocation is stretched to help other subcounties with similar allocations. The residents now accuse their MP of using their resources for his bloated selfish political interest.