Rift MP humbled by coronavirus reality after chiding Uhuru

Who has been doing what to whom an why in the world of politics.

In Summary
  • A lawmaker who used to ridicule President Kenyatta's 'manufactured' coronavirus 'scare' has changed his tune. Big time.
  • The chairman of a powerful parliamentary committee is constantly humiliated when he chairs the panel and is reminded of his ignorance.
President Uhuru Kenyatta.
President Uhuru Kenyatta.
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If there is any group of people good at shifting goalposts and allegiances, it's politicians. This perfectly reflects a member of Parliament from Rift Valley who accused President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration of "creating a non-existent corona crisis" to quell "opposition to the Building Bridges Initiative". The man, now seemingly humbled by the reality of the pandemic and the constraints of social distance, is now campaigning for the government to improve its response to the disease. The talk in his social circles is how the man ignorantly dismissed the pandemic, which he now dreads.  He now spends his ample time at home, tweeting.

Not far away from his home, another lawmaker formed a WhatsApp group hoping to keep members actively engaged in a debate that made headlines before the Covid-19 disease was confirmed in the country. The second-term legislator had hoped colleagues would continue to discuss the impeachment of Deputy President William Ruto but members of the group seemed to be only interested in discussions of the coronavirus pandemic. A mole in the group, which now has a thin membership after other members opted out, said they have not given the fellow the luxury of discussing politic, although the country is tense.

A chairman of a powerful parliamentary committee has been forced to endure embarrassment every time he chairs the panel. The first-term legislator, who won the chairmanship by virtue of the numerical strength of his party members in the committee, has been compelled to always take instructions from senior and seasoned politicians and lawyers in the committee. The members rubbish his decisions, sometimes in the presence of witnesses such as CSs and governors, and constantly remind him that he is a junior legislator. Recently, he was forced to rescind a decision to summon a CS after the members reminded him that what he was calling the CS for was not under the ambit of the committee. The man has lately been asking his deputy to assume the position.