Influential politician linked to city bus park cartel

Reports that politician has been protecting cartel soliciting money from matatus.

In Summary
  • MPs, MC's decline to send monthly contribution to party, putting it in tough financial position.
  • A blue chip firm manager is under siege over graft claims.
Tourism CAS Joseph Boinnet, Nairobi Metropolitan Director General Abdala Badi and Tourism CS Najib Balala.
GET TO WORK: Tourism CAS Joseph Boinnet, Nairobi Metropolitan Director General Abdala Badi and Tourism CS Najib Balala.

Is a senior Nairobi politician behind an illegal group controlling and manning Ngara Bus Park? There are reports that an influential politician has been protecting the cartel soliciting money from matatu operators. It has emerged that while matatu operators pay their dues for licensing, an illegal group is trying to control the stage. When police raided the stage to arrest the group after an outcry, the politician quickly drove to a city police station and convinced authorities to spare them of the arrests. So why is the politician very keen on having the group continue collecting illegal levies? Who might benefit? Maybe the new sheriff in town, Maj. Gen Mohamed Abdala should take note.

An influential manager of a blue-chip company in Nairobi is under siege. The highly rated manager has found himself in a web also involving a chief executive officer of a third-tier bank within the country. It has emerged that the blue-chip firm manager could have been a beneficiary of loot allegedly siphoned from a state agency in a drama that roiled the country for the last two years. Interestingly, the bank manager could have aided some improper withdrawals as well as electronic transfers. The money involved, in some instances despite exceeding the statutory limit, was credited to the blue-chip firm manager's personal account at the same branch. Investigators are keen to track the money trail.

Is one of the top political parties facing financial challenges? Well, there are revelations that some members are not honouring up their required monthly contributions. Most of those playing rough with their party are MPs and MCAs, some of whom have taken months without channelling their contributions to the party kitty. Our mole has told us the outfit could be heading to deep liquidity challenges in the coming months if the situation is not corrected. A senior official is among those affected.


A popular sacco, mostly serving the agricultural sector, is in the red. Officials of the sacco have been hard-pressed to explain to members how some board members ended up taking unsecured loans for Sh20 million. The unsecured loans, all taken in the last financial year, spell doom for the sacco that had huge prospects of expanding across the country. The chairman of the credit committee is also said to have taken an unsecured Sh6 million loan jeopardising the liquidity of the sacco. Corridors of Power understands that members are planning to petition the Commissioner of Cooperatives in the coming weeks to order the board be disbanded before the matter gets out of hand.