Corona, self-quarantine, clande and broken home

Ruto ally faces arrest over misuse of CDF cash

In Summary
  • Up to Sh20 million said to have been mismanaged by a CDF committee. 
  • A big man no longer using sirens when visiting his girlfriend in Uthiru.
Deputy President William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto

A Deputy President William Ruto ally who recently protested that anti-corruption agents were unfairly targeting him could be in more trouble. The latest audit report of the National Government-CDF shows massive irregularities in the management of funds in his constituency. The auditors found the CDF committee has been drawing cheques in the names of non-existent students. The committee then liaises with some accountants in public universities to share the money. The amount in question could be about Sh20 million for the last three financial years. Our mole says it is a matter of time before the MP is arrested and charged as detectives have traced some of the money to his bank accounts.

Coronavirus, self-quarantine, a clande and a broken home. This is the story of a governor from Western. The county boss told his wife that he was self-quarantined in Nairobi after coming into contact with a suspected Covid-19 case. However, he was holidaying at the coast with a nominated MCA. Tired of staying cooped up in his hotel room following the social distancing measures being implemented across the Coast, the county boss decided to go back to his Nairobi home. Unknown to him his wife had come to the home and had been staying there the whole time the man was at the Coast. Thinking that the wife was at their rural home as she had assured him, the governor drove in confidently with the MCA. Needless to say, it was an ugly scene that unfolded. 

We once told you of a big man who used to disturb the peace of a neighbourhood at Uthiru with sirens and escort cars when visiting his girlfriend. The man has apparently changed tack and taken a low profile—he takes a cab and dons a simple hat. A street watcher told Corridors that following the work from home order the man has been spending pretty long hours at the premises than before. 

Officials from a county government in Nyanza faced a public backlash last week after they posted a dilapidated room that they claimed was the official coronavirus isolation ward. The room had a ripped off floor and lacked basic emergency medical equipment. Meanwhile, other counties – including a neighbouring one – were unveiling state-of-the-art facilities to manage the highly contagious disease. Many social media users wondered if the officials had duped the governor.