Staff at oil firm want 'racist' foreign national deported

Man’s mouth is foul and disgraceful, with vile words for just about everyone.

In Summary
  • The oil firm workers wonder why a competent and respectful Kenyan cannot be given the opportunity held by the overbearing expat.
  • Why was NHIF CEO job re-advertised after a vetting panel has done its work?
Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i.
Interior Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i.

An expatriate at one of the oil firms in the region has become an extreme thorn in the flesh of staff members who accuse him of racism and utter disrespect. The man’s mouth is foul and disgraceful — with vile words for just about everyone, particularly his juniors.  Further, the work he does is not said to require an expatriate. His colleagues wonder why a competent and respectful Kenyan cannot be given the opportunity held by the brute. They want the Cabinet Secretary for Interior, Fred Matiang'i, to move with speed and deport the foreign national. Yes, the tough-talking CS has always moved to protect Kenyans from bullying foreigners to the happiness of wenye nchi. 

Why was the National Hospital Insurance Fund CEO job re-advertised?  Sources whisper to Corridors of Power that the recruitment has been marred by many intrigues, massive lobbying and outside influence. Sources said that one powerful man has pledged to influence the appointment of the manager with a multi-billion shilling salary. Word has it that he could have clandestinely ordered the re-advertisement. This is despite the fact that the vetting panel is submitting its report on the nominees as required by law. No explanation was given by the fund as to why the re-advertisement was done. How the man got powers to micromanage the process remains a puzzle even to those in the know. 


A former county assembly clerk from the Coast region has gone for the governor’s throat in his efforts to please the appointing authority to consider him for a top position at a transport agency. The fellow, who has been peddling claims that the governor is humiliating him, is now threatening to spill the beans on the county boss’s corrupt activities, including scandalous affairs. A mole whispers to Corridors that the man has lately been busy collecting reports and evidence he wants to deploy for his mission in dealing with the county chief.

And still at the Coast, a senior politician is burning the midnight oil to convince the region’s leaders to change their approach to the Building Bridges Initiative. Corridors is aprised of the fact the politician has been inviting select MPs from various constituencies to=hear the gospel that they should abandon the Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta initiative. So serious is the messaging that an MP who has been at the forums was overheard asking where the money for the much-awaited referendum will come from. The other element of the dissuasion agenda is that the region may not succeed in pressing the emotive land question.