Corridors of Power: Female MP denies Echesa link

Is an anti-Ruto female politician from a key region involved in the Sh39.9bn military scam?

In Summary
  • The female politician from a key region says she's innocent. 
  • A former elected leader in Murang'a is under siege for witchcraft.
Deputy President William Ruto's office.
DP'S OFFICE: Deputy President William Ruto's office.

Is a vicious anti-Ruto female MP the one said to have been involved in the Sh39.9 billion fake military tender deal? Well. A small bird on the investigating team tells Corridors of Power the female lawmaker who was allegedly visited in her office by former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and the two foreigners is a strong anti-Ruto face from a key political region. As the police close in on more suspects, it has emerged the politician's relationship with Echesa is a steamy affair. It is only a matter of time before she is busted even as she feigns innocence.

Forget about a former senior government officer who has been the talk of the town for forgery of big money tenders. There is a bigger loud-mouthed fraudster in high places all over the corridors of power. Our small bird whispers to Corridors there are actually a number of highly placed state officials who have risen to prominence on forged academic certificates, testimonials and questionable CVs. One of these poseurs is about to be smoked out of his comfort zone chambers of deceit, notwithstanding his CV, which is as thick as a tome of PhD theses Those who know say the impostor who took a long academic detour to West Africa has only a basic degree, though he claims professorial qualifications. Officers in the ministry he’s been harassing and shouting at have sworn to teach him a lesson by exposing him for claiming to have earned non-existent degrees.

A former elected leader in Murang'a is under siege. From allegations of practising witchcraft to family feuds in Murang'a courts, the highly educated leader is dealing with the dirty side of politics. Some of the leaflets doing the rounds in Murang'a indicate the former 'Kiongozi' wears demonic rings and is alleged to have taken the map of his constituency to Mombasa for dark rituals to win the 2013 election. There are even allegations he could be holding fake degrees, with rumours indicating he bought some of the papers. The issues surrounding the witchcraft and satanic activities are documented in court papers as siblings battle over their late father's vast estate.

Detectives are investigating notorious contraband dealers specialising in sale of transit and export cigarettes. The wanted men are said to have escaped numerous traps laid by DCI detectives and the Kenya Revenue Authority to nab them over various tax evasion issues. Corridors of Power is aware their fraud is achieved in a scheme whereby they package and load the goods in transport canters to various parts of the country. The fraudsters are also on the radar of detectives for transacting dubious businesses using fake KRA stamps.