Cartels threaten to take over agricultural sector

They has been moving around offices to lobby for increased purchase of rice and beans

In Summary
  • A cartel that seeks to control policy at the Agriculture ministry is back with a vengeance.§
  • A senior Ministry of Education official with an office at Jogoo House is a man in the eye of a storm.
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary eter Munya.
IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Agriculture Cabinet Secretary eter Munya.

A cartel with entrenched interests in the agricultural sector, which had gone quiet, is back with a vengeance. The cartel that used to run the show at Kilimo House by influencing government policy now threatens food security unless Agriculture CS Peter Munya scuttles their plans. The wealthy individuals are so powerful and connected that they may soon take over Kilimo House. The cartel has been moving around offices to lobby for increased purchase of rice and beans for the Strategic Grain Reserve at the expense of maize. Usually, the government invests substantial money in storing maize but the cartel wants to redirect policy to their ends. 

A second-term chief officer at a Coastal county is bragging how he has pocketed detectives. So, he cannot be arrested despite several investigations against him. The officer has amassed considerable wealth in his seven years as a chief officer. His property includes real estate and a fleet of trucks often used in many county projects. The officer boasts that he is the governor’s, right-hand man. Recently be was overheard bragging how investigators share their reports with him before giving them to their bosses. The officer is said to be eyeing a parliamentary seat in 2022.

A roads contractor given a multi-billion contract to maintain a key highway in Nairobi could be defrauding taxpayers. It has emerged the 'cowboy' contractor is re-carpentering a section of the road using substandard materials in what many say would endanger the lives of motorists using the busy road. To make matters worse, he has left loose chippings, exposing motorists to danger without any warning signs as required by law. It is clear from the works underway that he lacks the manpower and equipment to provide value for money. Who is protecting this contractor so Kenha does not take action against the company despite obvious breaches of contract? Kenha needs to wake up and sort out the matter without delay lest they are accused of complacency.

The rot sweeping a key state agency, with offices at Nairobi's Upper Hill, could soon sink it. With the agency already in ICU due to massive accrued debts, a move by influential people to influence government policy to pay pending bills could be the last nail in its coffin. The agency's coffers could soon run dry after billions were released to pay pending bills at the expense of operational costs. We are told it is only a matter of time before the agency grinds to a halt due to a lack of resources. About Sh2 billion has already been paid out, with Sh600 million in the pipeline. Politicians' firms are among the beneficiaries.