Corridors of Power: Why Uhuru went to inspect Nyayo Stadium

It is understood the President was infuriated by conduct of his senior officers hijacking the event

In Summary

Is a senior leader from Nyanza postponed viewing late President Daniel Moi’s body in Parliament to wait for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
Image: PSCU

FED UP WITH jaundiced and peppered intel on the day to day activities of certain government officials, President Uhuru Kenyatta drove himself to Nyayo Stadium to check preparations on the venue where the public will pay last respects to former President Daniel Moi. Sources confided in Corridors that Uhuru was incensed by the jostling and hankering of some officers to mine political capital out of the death he describes as a personal loss. The President was infuriated that senior officers want to hijack the event by competing for camera attention instead of preparing the country to come to terms with the death of his political mentor.


A SENIOR LEADER from Nyanza is said to have postponed viewing President Daniel Moi’s body in Parliament until former Prime Minister Raila Odinga arrives from Ethiopia. According to sources, the senior politician on Friday brought a delegation to Nairobi to view the body on Saturday but cancelled the plan after realising the ODM leader was not around. Raila headed to Addis after attending the breakfast meeting in Washington with President Uhuru Kenyatta last week. Yesterday, the politician’s handlers said he again cancelled the plans so as to accompany Raila to view the body today. The delegation he brought from Nyanza will have spent three nights at a high-end hotel instead of one night before leaving home.

EVERY NAIROBI MOTORIST hopes for a jam-free drive home or office. However, this is never the case for the residents of Buru Buru, Harambee, Uhuru and Jerusalem estates. In the last three weeks, some traffic police officers based near the entrance of Buru Buru 1 Primary School are said to be causing jam between Harambee and Jerusalem by ordering motorists to overlap on Mumias South Road, thus complicating the management of traffic at Jerusalem junction. The officer in charge of traffic at Buru Buru police station should address this matter as soon as possible.

RESIDENTS OF A Nairobi estate are annoyed with their ward representative for allegedly being a hindrance to development. A resident told Corridors that the MCA stopped some local investors from repairing a road damaged by heavy rains, fearing that this would dent his development record. He said the MCA, wanting to be seen as the one behind every project told the businessmen not to use their money as he would bring on board the county government. Three months down the line, residents are still waiting to see caterpillars and excavators working on the road as promised.