Ex-Governor to unleash dossier on successor, senators

A former governor from Rift Valley is planning to unleash a dossier on his successor and two senators.

In Summary
  • A former Kajiado MP excited with Sh10 million tender but complained that Sh1 million cut to the facilitator at Harambee House Annex was too much.
  • A public service board of an ASAL county has sparked anger after word went out that it has started ‘sanitising’ some 1,000 workers it hired irregularly.
The Senate in session
The Senate in session
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A former governor from Rift Valley is planning to unleash a dossier on his successor and two senators. The ex-county boss, now a top public officer, is angered by recent remarks by the senators during the grilling of his successor over the 2017-18 audit queries last year. During the session in Parliament, the governor accused his predecessor of embezzling public funds and running down the county. The two senators were vocal in calling for the investigation of the former governor. But the man now says the attack on him was pre-planned to taint his image and threatened to release an incriminating dossier.

A county service board from one of the ASAL counties has started the 'sanitisation' of over 1,000 employees allegedly hired irregularly. As at close of business on January 10, some 12 advisors to the governor are said to have been issued with appointment letters from the board. It is said the vice-chairperson, chairperson of the recruitment committee and the board's secretary influenced to have the sanitisation carried out. The process was undertaken when the chairperson was out of the country. Among the 12 whose letters were issued is said to be a former lawmaker. There are concerns that the board is completely compromised and is dancing to the tune of the executive. Where are the anti-graft detectives?


An alumni association of a school in Nyanza is promising to drown the political career of a first-term female MP from the region. The association accuses the MP of using her influence to transfer headteachers on flimsy grounds. Three headteachers have been moved from the school over the past year, triggering uproar from the local community. The alumni, consisting of prominent members of society, say they would use their influence and numbers to ensure the MP “does not see the inside of Parliament” ever again. Aspirants aware of the outcry are seeking to cash in on the crisis for political mileage.

A former MP from the Maa community has come under scathing attack over a Sh10 million contract award from an influential state agency. The ex-lawmaker, poised for a massive financial makeover, was overhead boasting how a well-connected official within the Presidency helped him secure the contract. He narrated how auctioneers were nearly auctioning his two lorries over a microfinance debt before he saw the 'hand of God'. While drinking with his contemporaries at a restaurant in Kajiado town, the former legislator, however, lamented that the official had to get a 'cut' of Sh1 million for his role in securing the contract. A civil society lawyer who overheard the conversation is gathering evidence on the undue influence in the contract award so he can present it to DCI boss George Kinoti.