Cartels angry at Yatani for reshuffling ministry accountants

Why has reshuffle of accountants sent shockwaves in government?

In Summary
  • Yatani's reshuffle of accountants across ministry's have rubbed cartels the wrong way 
  • Questions now linger why the tough oversight committee that has a reputation of wilting even the toughest of the county Chiefs went mute
Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yatani
EXPLANATION: Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yatani

Acting Treasury boss Ukur Yatani has  reshuffled 40 heads of accounting units in government ministries to the displeasure of cartels ripping off the taxpayer. Sources whispered to Corridors that one of the affected accountants is known for dodgy deals. The officer is said to be under investigation by the EACC for making some suspicious payments towards the end of the last financial year. Previously, the accountant was transferred after a major scandal rocked their ministry. It is said that the officer's benefactor at Treasury is now worried. He has vowed to ensure that the accountant is only replaced with another friendly officer. Those in the know say Yatani  should be well aware he is dealing with cunning individuals keen on taxpayers' cash.

Member of Parliament from Bungoma county has been the subject of discussion among parliamentary staff for all the wrong reasons. Corridors learnt that the legislator’s staff have not received their salaries for two months now. They claim the MP is not even concerned with their delayed payment. They said the MP had promised to clear the entire pending amount at the beginning of the month but they are not seeing any sign of getting any money anytime soon. The staff have since been depending on their colleagues for upkeep as they await action from their boss who is busy politicking. The junior staff also complained that the lawmaker does not pick their calls and only communicates to them through messages whenever he wants them to run errands for him.

A governor from Rift Valley who has had a tumultuous reign has attracted the wrath of the county residents after he ducked a watchdog committee to respond to glaring audit queries. Corridors understands that the governor developed cold feet after seeing fellow governors being roasted and pilloried for massive irregularities in their accounts books. Questions now linger why the tough oversight committee that has a reputation of wilting even the toughest of the county chiefs went mute and mellow upon the flimsiest excuse by the governor for not turning up for grilling.

It appears the fortunes of a onetime vocal lawmaker who served in an influential position in Parliament have significantly dwindled. Corridors heard some lawmakers yesterday saying their colleague has turned into a gun for hire executing a hatchet job for certain influential figures at rallies and press conferences. The lawmaker has reportedly stopped going with colleagues to high end hotels and social joints and has reduced frequency of attending funds drives organised by colleagues. Rainy days couldn’t have come at a worse time than when the lawmaker is working overtime to outdo would be competitors in a cutthroat higher race .