Congregation angered by Uhuru after cancelled event

Uhuru was to be the chief guest at ACK Kenol church in Murang’a county

In Summary
  • Upon learning that the President was not attending the function, politicians left the venue 
  • Some went to greet the Cabinet Secretaries present and then walked away.
President Uhuru Kenyatta.
President Uhuru Kenyatta.

 Minutes after the congregation at ACK Kenol church in Murang’a county learnt that President Uhuru Kenyatta was not gracing the service, some were overheard cursing him. Some went ahead to say how they wish Deputy President William Ruto had not cancelled his church visit to a similar event in Kandara constituency. Expression of disillusionment could allow being seen on the faces of political leaders when they saw Cabinet Secretaries arriving to represent the President. Some just greeted the Cabinet Secretaries and walked away.

A governor from western Kenya went direct to his hotel room where he is currently staying and locked himself up the whole day after appearing before the Senate to answer to audit queries. The governor, we learnt, was so frustrated after he failed to impress while responding to questions from the lawmakers. The county chief and staff that accompanied him couldn't answer basic questions. It was a humiliating moment and senators asked him to go back and reorganise himself and come back with appropriate answers. He was further reminded to take senators seriously as they are not Class One pupils.

Last week, we told you of the shock of ghost workers who turned up to collect their paychecks from Siaya county government after Governor Cornel Rasanga ordered a payroll clean-up. Well, it seems there is a special class of the ghost workers who got their cheques separately. A bird whispered to Corridors that the lot’s cheques were delivered to them through emissaries, meaning the ‘ghost’ workers will no longer be subject of scrutiny. Word is that some of them are cooks of some senior politicians, as well as their brothers and sisters. Locals want the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to launch probe.

A Member of County Assembly from one of the wards in Embu county found himself with a rotten egg upon his face after he was caught with a bucket full of human faeces. It is said the youthful and vocal MCA had intended to smear the human waste on the floor and walls of an office of a staff in the county who MCAs were demonstrating against. Sources close to the demonstrators said that the ward representative, who has also shown interests to run for a parliamentary seat, had nowhere to take his bucket full of the filth. He had to carry the bucket all the way to the roadblock area where he paid a street boy to dispose the waste.