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In Summary

• Wiper wants to teach ODM a bitter lesson in Kibra reminiscent to the Embakasi South duel.

• A senior Jubilee official may soon be exposed for allegedly creating confusion in the ruling party over its approach to the Kibra by-election. 

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

DID a top Wiper party leader meet Eliud Owalo, the ANC candidate for the upcoming Kibra by-election on Tuesday night? Corridors is informed that a senior party official held closed-door talks with Owalo and some of his campaign team on terms of engagement ahead of the by-election. There are political undertones that Wiper might rally behind Owalo to teach Raila Odinga's ODM party a bitter lesson as happened in the Embakasi South by-election in April. Then, ODM ignored pleas by Wiper to withdraw its candidate. That did not stop Kalonzo Musyoka's party from trouncing the Orange party and taking the seat.


A senior Jubilee official may soon be exposed for allegedly creating confusion in the ruling party over its approach to the Kibra by-election. The official is on the spot over the release of five names of the party's prospective candidates and then turning around to plead innocence. A Jubilee operative confided in Corridors that the official has panicked after his clandestine moves were exposed. It is believed that the premature disclosure of the names was calculated to trigger a storm within and blame it on some outside forces to force Jubilee to abandon fielding a candidate. To whose advantage this would work is an open secret.

A Ministry of Education auditor in one of the Nyanza counties has pissed off school principals for his unreasonable appetite for bribes. The man is said to demand huge sums of money per school before doing his work. Our small bird has whispered to us that the man has been working in cahoots with some bursars, bragging to them that he is well-connected at the head office in Nairobi. The principals are now tired of his unbecoming behaviour and his public display of bravado.

A self-styled Speaker of a North Rift county assembly is in the eye of a storm over his amorous ways and high handedness. The man, who unsuccessfully vied for a political office, has attracted the wrath of the county assembly for unilateral decisions including the firing of a clerk. He is accused of bringing his "side chick" to serve in an acting capacity before she was jettisoned for failure to pander to the whims of the Speaker. The irate staff, according to a source, are contemplating exposing his soft underbelly and corrupt ways. This will blowback on the clean image he has been portraying in church and social gatherings. It’s a matter of time before the disgraceful Speaker is left with a rotten egg on his face.



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