In Summary

• A vocal MP from Kisii is buying old buses and fitting them with new seats before gifting them as new.

Director of Criminal investigations George Kinoti.
Director of Criminal investigations George Kinoti.
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A vocal MP from Kisii famed for buying old buses and fitting them with new seats before gifting them out as brand new school buses may soon be exposed. This is after the government ordered its auditors to narrow down their audits to school buses amid claims of being largely substandard and build from scrap metals along river road before they are assembled by a fabricator along Mombasa road. After the assembling, the MP is said to be colluding with some Kenya Revenue Authority and the NTSA staff for issuance of number plates with the latest series. Corridors has been informed that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has been briefed of the concerns and is waiting for the comprehensive audit before moving into action.

Outering Road is perhaps a few of the roads in Nairobi with the highest concentration of police officers per kilometre. Despite the ongoing construction along the busy road, police officers take on the traffic there by storm. It has emerged that the road is one of the most lucrative ones within the city seen as a cash cow for corrupt cops due to the highest number of vehicles plying the route. To buttress the point, the cops are nowhere after 11 am because of the reduction in the number of matatus, which mostly form part of their stronghold. Targeted in most cases are matatus and transport vehicles which must part with at least Sh50 per route. There has been an uproar among matatu operators over the unbecoming trend but it would appear Vigilance House is yet to hear their cries.

Is the Nairobi County Director of Education  sleeping on the job? Despite the Ministry of Education banning holiday tuition, the department is helpless amid a worsening crisis of tuition being done clandestinely in private premises. The best time to get a glimpse of the illegal coaching is during morning hours around 7am when young boys and girls wearing their home clothes and all manner of cardigans walk across the roads with small bags on their backs. For an ordinary passerby, they may pass as ordinary kids running errands until a keen observer realises that the numbers are growing as they walk along. The very reason that they are not in uniform is a security risk and a serious breach of the law. Who knows if they are not ending up in orgies and drug dens? Who should take responsibility? 

Has an opposition politician hired buses to ferry people from Western Kenya for the census to save a certain constituency that stares at being axed for failing to meet the constitutional threshold? Corridors of Power has been informed that the politician hired 15 buses on Wednesday night to transport the natives of the constituency back home to shore up the census numbers back home. It is not clear what the state will do to people found travelling long distances and how it intends to know that they are being ferried or not. This the big question for Interior CS Fred Matiang'i as he tightens security to guarantee a successful national count even as he breathes fire.