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• Is President Uhuru Kenyatta secretly working on a Cabinet reshuffle ?

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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Cabinet secretaries are not sleeping easy. Why? Sources whispered to Corridors that President Uhuru Kenyatta is secretly working on a Cabinet reshuffle that might claim more cabinet secretaries named in scandals. A little bird said a day after the burial of the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga spent almost a whole day at State House with Uhuru in secret talks. Those in the know say the talks centered on looming changes in government.  Uhuru is yet to substantially fill the void left by ex-Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich who was charged in the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal. The Principal Secretaries for Immigration and that of East Africa Community are also vacant. Two CSs for instance are separately being pursued by EACC and the DCI over different graft allegations

We have previously told you of the mess that has rocked the pension department of the National Treasury. Its emerging however that despite the uproar, things are  getting worse. For years, the department has been advising retirees to make minor queries, such as status of pension just through a phone call. They said the phone conversation was just as effective and would save the retirees the trouble of traveling long distances.  It’s now emerging however that the pension department no longer picks calls. Staff, mostly ladies working at the switch board at Treasury are not shy to tell you  “stop wasting your time, pension no longer pick calls” . Acting Treasury CS Ukur Yatani should spearhead a radical grand housecleaning in this critical sector of government.

The owner of a company in Limuru is exploiting unsuspecting Kenyans. His victims say he is a perfect candidate for the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti. The firm, purporting to deal in real estate, logistics, import of general merchandise and provision of loan microfinance does not pay workers. Not that the compnay is broke, but it’s a swindling scheme. The man uses some nondescript recruitment firm which gives him employees on a monthly basis. After engaging services for a month, one is fired. He ensures that everybody hired for that month has been fired before bringing a fresh team and the circle continues.

Is the government having a hand in the standoff over the Division of Revenue Bill in Parliament? Well, this could be true if what some opposition MPs were overheard saying in Parliament last week is anything to go by. The legislators said the government is behind the stalemate that has plunged the counties into a serious cash crisis. They claimed that the government is broke and is now using Parliament to buy time. According, them, the executive is also behind the Bill that seeks to allow the devolved units access at least 15 per cent of the proposed allocation in the event the two houses fail to pass the Division of Revenue.