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In Summary

•Meritocracy may not have been the only guiding principle, after all, in the NLC interviews

•A top police officer working within Embakasi, Nairobi, seems to have joined the exclusive club of land cartels in the area.

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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Was the race for the National Land Commission chairperson predetermined? After interviews for the coveted seat concluded last week, it has emerged that the selection panel was under immense pressure to pick specific names for the President's consideration. According to the law, the panel picks two names of the most suitable candidates who scored the highest points and forwards them to the  President (pictured), who then appoints one of them. However, meritocracy may not have been the guiding principle, after all. Sources told Corridors of Power that the panel was particularly interested in a former MP. The politician is now poised to be appointed NLC chairperson, with her name being one of the two forwarded to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A senior police officer working within Embakasi, Nairobi, seems to have joined the exclusive club of land cartels in the area. The officer, who has stayed in the station for four years now, has been openly protecting well- known land grabbers in the expansive area. He has sat on several cases of land grabbing reported to him by the residents who have suffered in the hands of the cartels. Local leaders and residents have now decided to implore IG Hillary Mutyambai to immediately transfer the officer to save innocent landowners from further losing their property to the grabbers. Many describe the officer, who operates with impunity, as the face of corruption in the area.

People are wondering how an ODM lawmaker known to be an academic dwarf managed to suddenly climb up the academic ladder. The lawmaker, known to have dropped out of a private school owned by an Indian investor in Form 2 some 35 years ago, has managed to bridge his studies to graduate level. To add salt to injury, the MP has surprisingly managed to graduate with a certificate, diploma, degree and now an MA, all in three years. The MP's intellectual inability has been exposed several times on the floor. He prosecutes village matters in Parliament. 

A prominent politician from Western Kenya who has been an ardent supporter of Deputy President William Ruto has suddenly gone quiet. The MP no longer accompanies the DP to his tours across the region or to other parts of the country. The MP is facing imminent arrest and prosecution over improprieties concerning the Constituency Development Fund. Could the impending arrest have contributed to his hibernation from the DP's political activities? A member of Parliament from the region said most MPs with CDF mismanagement concerns have been avoiding Ruto since associating with him has led to some of them being prosecuted over graft.

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