Deputy governor merry the fall of his boss is nigh

In Summary

• Is this political broker broke

• CS suspects he is being spied on 

Raila Odinga chats with President Uhuru Kenyatta.Photo/FILE
Raila Odinga chats with President Uhuru Kenyatta.Photo/FILE

Has a former power broker, who is known to bankroll political outfits, run broke? Corridors has learnt that the city based big shot is in a financial crisis. It is reported that the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga has rendered the man hopeless. He relied most on the powers that be to get lucrative government tenders. However, this is no more. A source has told Corridors that the one-time flashy man recently issued bouncing cheques to business associates who are wondering what became of his alleged business empire.

A Cabinet secretary has been complaining that some suspicious officers have been planted in his office to spy on his activities and movements. The CS was last week overhead protesting to one of his aides that he was not aware that a new personal assistant had been attached to him and his trusted one recalled. The minister has told some of his close allies that he is not amused with the high turnover of staff in his office, which also touches on security guards. Two of the police officers were recalled two weeks ago while a driver was moved a month ago. It is not clear why the CS is mad at the changes but according to sources, a rival CS is behind the move.

MCAs from a county in Nyanza are up in arms against a senior assembly official over claims of misleading them to pocket allowances for a foreign trip that never was. The MCAs say after taking the cash and the trip cancelled, the speaker promised that nothing would happen to them but they are now being pursued by  officials from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission . The ward leaders were overheard cursing the speaker even as they concurred that they must return the money they had already squandered. They are now looking for ways to raise the money and return it to the assembly or face possible prosecution.

A deputy governor is in a celebratory mood on learning that anti-graft officers will be coming for his boss very soon after completing their investigations into abuse of office and graft at the county. Last weekend the man, who is known for his love for the bottle, drunk himself silly and told all and sundry to prepare for his reign as the county head in the very near future. Citing the recent ruling by Justice Mumbi Ngugi, the deputy governor partied all night, and shouted that his boss could just be counting days or a few weeks before he is arrested and arraigned to face charges.