Officer attached to Bunge with a know-it-all attitude

In Summary

• Interior ministry should be on the lookout for troublesome woman.

• There is trouble in Eastleigh.  Youths are openly extorting money from motorists.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.
Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai.

There is trouble in Eastleigh.  Youths are openly extorting money from motorists in Mungiki-like style. One wonders why the extortion from matatus, mostly in the morning in the full view of police officers managing traffic, has not been contained?  The youth lie in wait near a roundabout and jump into matatus when the vehicles slow down as traffic builds up. They then demand Sh50 from the conductors and immediately alight after being given the money. Surprisingly, police are always present and controlling traffic, while more officers are stationed 100 metres. Makes one wonder if they are part of the cartel? Perhaps Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai should look into this.

A woman who works at a senior level in a government agency in the energy sector is on the rampage. Those in the know have described her as a drama queen. Sources whisper to Corridors that the woman, a close relative of a senior person in government, is now looking for greener pastures after unsuccessfully waging a vicious war against her chief executive officer. She is said to have suspicious close relations with the former boss. The woman was fighting to be named CEO but her efforts were rebuffed. She is now seeking to be boss in a parastatal in the Interior ministry. Maybe CS Fred Matiang’i and his team should be on the lookout

Individuals associated with a top Jubilee politician shocked secret onlookers at the parking lot of a top Nairobi hotel on Monday night. Sources whisper to Corridors that the group of about four men was sharing a lot of cash, while speaking in low tones in their local dialect. With their car bonnet open to shield themselves, the individuals counted the cash for numerous minutes. After each individual took his share, they quickly disappeared, our mole said. Where did such a large amount of money come from?

A senior police officer attached to Parliament has become the talk among juniors and the security team due to the officer’s know-it-all attitude. The officer, who was posted there due to alleged connections with some big names, is said to be looking down on parliamentary security and does not involve them in making key security decisions. The parliament security is coordinated jointly by National Youth Service officers, APs and Regular Police officers. Recently, the said officer snubbed an orientation meeting for Bunge security team at a hotel along Mombasa Road and was never represented by any officer. Junior officers also claim that the boss is incompetent.