MP with mere hut in his father's compound

In Summary

• Nine out of ten assistant county commissioners sent on training from one community. 

• Has the office of Speaker Ken Lusaka taken all slots for a sporting event?

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho. / FILE
Interior PS Karanja Kibicho. / FILE

Not all is well at Harambee House. Reason? A fly on the wall in the office of the President has whispered to Corridors that they are appalled by the manner in which 10 assistant county commissioners were selected to go to China for three months’ training. The fly disclosed that of the 10 administrators who were expected to leave the country last night, nine were from one community. So what criteria could have been used in selecting them? Maybe Interior PS Karanja Kibicho should explain.

Staff at a parastatal in the Ministry of Health were shocked on Monday when their managing director used abusive language at them. They say that the man who is on a warpath with senior officials arrived on Monday and summoned them for a meeting. He then turned abrasive and begun calling them names. He told the petrified staff that he will deal with them, boasting that he is protected by the powers that be. The man is on the radar of anti-graft detectives over how he disposed of the parastatal's vehicle, a Volkswagen Passat. He is quoted as saying, “In most cases, the fish rots from the head but in this case, it is rotten at the stomach”.

There are murmurs among Senate staff that may need the intervention of either Speaker Ken Lusaka or the clerk Jeremiah Nyegenye who is also the CEO Of Parliamentary Service Commission. The genesis of the simmering row is the inter-county sports tournament slated for next week in Kericho county. Corridors has been told that the office of the Speaker has nominated nearly all its staff, displacing other people who have all along been attending practice sessions. What is hurting the staff is the fact that some who had been picked and listed are having their names struck off the list. They are appealing to Nyegenye to intervene.

A second term MP from Nyanza has become the laughing stock among his peers in the 12th Parliament. The lawmaker only has a hut or what is referred to as ‘simba’ in Dholuo, at his parent’s homestead. Last week, a mole overheard two lawmakers from the region wondering aloud how their colleague will manage the county post he is eyeing when he still ‘using his parents' gate’. They laughed that the man may have nowhere to go if his parents kick him out. The lawmaker has expressed interest in a county post in the 2022 General Elections.