Broke ex-governor risks losing his property

In Summary

• Are some Coast MPs ganging up against their colleagues for closeness with Governor Ali Joho?

• Detectives at the DCI children protection centre wants DCI boss George Kinoti to probe financial misappropriation at the unit

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.
Image: FILE

ARE some Coast MPs ganging up against a colleague over his closeness to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho? Well, this could be true if what some legislators were overheard discussing in Parliament is anything to go by. The MPs accused the second-term lawmaker of "always betraying us". They said the man, who harbours ambitions to succeed the governor, is the mole who has been leaking the deliberations of the Coast Parliamentary Caucus to Joho. They vowed to fight and frustrate the MP's gubernatorial ambitions.

DETECTIVES at the DCI’s Child Protection Centre headquarters in Nairobi now want DCI boss George Kinoti to launch probes into misuse of funds at the unit. The officers claim they have not been able to follow up on child protection cases in courts across the country because their travel expenses are not given priority. Instead, they claimed that their boss — the head of the unit — has been creating trips for herself and squandering thousands of money in the name of following up cases in different parts of the country. For an officer of her rank to travel to Mombasa, for instance, her imprest is about Sh11,200 per day and the officer allocates herself more than one week in each trip. 

WAS Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro’s move to hurriedly call a press conference over his county takeover planned by a principal secretary? Nyoro announced that he was taking charge until Governor Ferdinand Waititu is back. But some MPs, who are allied to Waititu, were overheard at a city hotel on Tuesday evening saying the arrest and prosecution of the vocal governor and his wife, alongside other county officials, were political. The legislators claimed that Babayao was made to suffer after he failed to heed instructions from powerful individuals in government, who wanted him to disassociate from DP William Ruto. They went ahead to say that on several occasions, the embattled county boss received phone calls from a powerful individual in government to stay away from the DP but he stood his ground.

A former governor has run broke and is now struggling to foot his bills and service a loan he took to finance his 2017 campaigns and complete the construction of his houses. His close confidants have confided in Corridors that the man took millions of shillings from a bank hoping to settle the facility in his second term. Now, most of the projects have stalled. Word also has it that the bank is planning to auction his property to recover the money.