Did Deputy Governor hand over graft dossier to detectives?

In Summary

• Just where was the embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu hiding for the more than 24 that the EACC detectives were looking for him?.

• A first-term MCA narrowly escaped a dragnet launched by a governor's wife.

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu
Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

So where was Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu hiding that detectives could not locate him? Well, some sources whispered to Corridors that Babayao, as the governor is popularly known, was at the home of a top Jubilee leader. Because of respect accorded to the office, no one dared to move into the compound. There were claims Waititu even used the top official's car. Ethics and Anti-Corruption sleuths had searched his three homes in Nairobi without success since Friday. On Sunday, Waititu voluntarily presented himself at the Integrity Centre. His lawyers said the governor was out of town.

A Deputy Governor from Nyanza is under fire after meeting some anti-corruption detectives over the weekend to hand over a “dossier against his boss”. The man, whose close associates say is determined to be in charge of the county, has reportedly been having sleepless nights plotting how to takeover. A little bird whispered to Corridors that the man is leaving nothing to chance, including seeking services of a witch-doctor, in his quest to become the county boss.


We recently told you of a flamboyant Jubilee governor who was deeply in love with a first-term female MCA in his county. Now, Corridors has established that the lady narrowly escaped a dragnet by the Governor’s wife who had gotten wind of their affair. The MCA had received a call purportedly from an aide of the governor, asking her to meet the county chief in a hotel. She rushed there only to realize that the county first lady had laid a trap on her. She managed to escape after a colleague who was aware of the the plan tipped. The insider said the first lady had promised to teach the MCA a lesson she will never forget.

A second-term governor from Nyanza whose administration has been implicated in corruption scandals is the talk of the town. The man, known for his flashy lifestyle, has been bragging to his colleagues that despite the media reports about corruption in his county, he cannot be arrested provided ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta remain friends. The county chief is very close to the former Prime Minister and has been accompanying the AU representative on Infrastructure to most trips abroad. Now, a former MP in the county is planning to petition the party leader to reign in the governor whose performance for the last seven years is seriously wanting.