Corridors of Power

The governor could not be admitted as his NHIF card which caters for bed charges was not up to date

In Summary

• A critically ill Nyanza governor could not be admitted as his NHIF card which caters for bed charges was not up to date. Nor were those of his county workers.

• A CDF official was using his official constituency car for personal business and was involved in an accident. It's beyond repair but the police have been persuaded to stay away.


Deputy President William Ruto speaking in Garissa.
deputy president william Ruto Deputy President William Ruto speaking in Garissa.

A Jubilee MP from Mt. Kenya who has been DP William Ruto’s number one defender seems to have dumped him. The man who was recently in trouble with the law was overheard telling his colleagues that he has shifted to Team Kieleweke. The lawmaker deplored that the DP did not stand with him during the difficult moment in court, despite always defending him against attacks by the opposition. The vocal MP said that he will be actively involved with Team Kieleweke in the future with the sole aim of fighting the DP’s ambition to succeed  President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

A governor of a county in Nyanza recently succumbed to the reality that timely remittance of statutory deductions, especially to cater for NHIF, saves lives. The county boss, who has been ignoring complaints by county workers over non-remitted deductions, fell ill but could not be admitted to hospital on his card because his county has defaulted for months. Because he was critically ill,  friends and relatives had to quickly raise funds to help the county chief secure admission. A little bird whispers to Corridors that the governor’s associates now want the county’s Finance CEC punished for failing to remit the millions of shillings deducted from workers.


A Cabinet Secretary's recent tour of Europe has raised curiosity about the core mission of the excursion given the mystery shrouding it. Word has it the CS could have been instructed by powerful people who previously held his docket to collect kickbacks for a controversially awarded contract. Suspicion arose after the CS jetted out in the middle of an extremely important assignment in the country. Players who do business with the ministry are asking questions about the visit and how the firm won the contract previously reserved for local firms.

An administrator and a CDF manager of a South Rift constituency are on the radar of anti-graft detectives. The CDF official has been using the constituency official car for his private business. Recently, the car was involved in an accident and is beyond repair. When police moved in to investigate the accident, the senior administrator ordered the officers to stay away. A little bird whispers to Corridors that the man was given a “good lunch” to protect the CDF official.