In Summary

• Man in the cash exchange drama had been turned away from another branch of the bank before he was stopped by the management of the second outlet.

• A second-term lawmaker has been sending passionate messages to his wife in a Whatapp group read by his colleagues. 

The Central Bank of Kenya governor Patrick Njoroge during a press briefing held in the CBK building on 28/03/2017
The Central Bank of Kenya governor Patrick Njoroge during a press briefing held in the CBK building on 28/03/2017

It seems CBK boss Patrick Njoroge is faced with a herculean task of dealing with illicit cash. Why? A bird whispers to Corridors that affected persons have devised a way of taking their money to banks for the same to be slowly incorporated into the banking system. One of them caused a scene after he sought to exchange loads of cash at one of the Nairobi branches of a reputable bank, disrupting business for several hours after the bank closed its doors. The man, a senior politician, was turned away by the branch manager despite unleashing pleas laced with threats.

Technology is a double-edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us. A second-term lawmaker recently learnt the hard way that the saying is true. The MP has more than once found himself in an awkward situation when messages intended for his wife landed in a WhatsApp group run by his colleagues. A member of the group was recently overheard telling his colleagues — who are not members of the social group — how the lawmaker recently stirred them with the romantic messages, despite several attempts to alert him that he was posting them on the wrong platform.

Shoppers at a busy supermarket in Migori were surprised by the behaviour of security personnel attached to the wife of a senior politician from the region. The bodyguards, who accompanied the lady for a shopping spree, manhandled a watchman after the fellow was reluctant to clear the way for their boss who was in a hurry to pick some items that were to be used in a funeral. The bodyguards, after sensing residents were about to cause a scene, almost reached for their guns, bringing activities to a standstill.


A former governor has set tongues wagging in the county. The man, now a senior officer in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government, recently shocked county workers and his friends after he visited his successor in the governor's office. The two arch-rivals have never seen eye to eye since the general elections. They have been clashing in the media about running the county government. It was not clear what the two leaders discussed in their one-hour meeting.