In Summary

•It looks like the EACC is going after one of its own and the DPP has the file, it's no longer business as usual.

• Crooked cops at a notoriously illegal roadblock arrested an SDA pastor on Saturday night for drunk driving — and used a 'faulty' breathalizer.

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi
National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi
Image: FILE

That Parliament is a House of records cannot be overemphasised. However, there is a worrying trend in which records are edited with video recording in the Hansard. Some lawmakers were overheard complaining that complaints by MPs are targeted the most for tampering, allegedly by parliamentary staff. One wonders whether the alterations are deliberate or a systems glitch if the proceedings on YouTube are anything to go by. This should be of paramount interest to the parliamentary leadership headed by Speaker Justin Muturi. Action is urgent before irreparable damage is caused. Over to you, Mr Speaker.

EACC boss Twalib Mbarak and his team definitely mean business. A former EACC official, who recently exited at the end of contract, could soon be headed to court. The official who previously worked at a roads agency is accused of overseeing massive looting during her tenure at the state parastatal. The EACC quietly finished investigating without the knowledge of the official and forwarded the file to DPP Noordin Haji for approval of charges. That the EACC can mercilessly go for one of their own, insiders say, is the clearest signal that it’s no longer business as usual at Integrity Centre.

Has the Nairobi regional police commander approved a notorious night roadblock at Njiru along the Kang'ungo road? The barrier erected nightly from9:30pm has turned into a bonanza for crooked officers. They are accused of extorting money from motorists, accusing them of drunk driving. While the IG expressly ordered police roadblocks to end, unless they are essential, these cops have defied legal orders. Another worry is the use of faulty breathalyzers. All hell broke loose on Saturday night when the officers arrested a Seventh Day Adventist pastor allegedly for DUI. How the man of God who had just come from a visitation exercise could be arrested in this way exposes the (deliberately?) faulty gadgets that continue to be used despite a court order suspending their use.

Is the Kenya National Examinations Council replacing lost KCSE and KCPE Certificates or not? This what hundreds of Kenyans are asking. While the commission is obliged by law to issue duplicates, it is alleged there is something very wrong here. Those turning up at Mitihani House along Denis Pritt Road seeking certificate replacement services are asked to go to the KNEC offices along Mombasa Road where they are 'rudely' notified the service is unavailable. Some are told to pay thousands of shillings, then go home and wait for the documents through the post. Why is this allowed to happen?

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