Ruto wanted probe done clandestinely

In Summary

• Ruto's undoing is opening many battle fronts

• Governor marries new wife, gives her job in county

Deputy President Ruto William Ruto.
Deputy President Ruto William Ruto.
Image: FILE

Did Deputy President William Ruto intend to have the alleged assassination plot against him made public? Well, sources whispered to Corridors that Ruto wanted the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti to secretly get to the bottom of the matter. Ruto has often maintained that all is well within the ruling party and that media was running false narratives about cracks in Jubilee. But alas! Kinoti publicly summoned the CSs said to be involved in the plot, letting the cat out of the bag. Yesterday, Ruto’s office remained unusually quiet even as Industrialization CS Peter Munya tore into him, terming him reckless. Will Ruto still insist all is well in Jubilee? Some people in government were heard whispering that the DP's undoing is opening endless battle fronts. He recently ran a campaign against Kinoti for doing shoddy investigations. He is also pushing for the ouster of Jubilee secretary general Raphael Tuju.

A first term MP from South Nyanza has gone missing and rarely sets foot in his constituency. The electorate can count how many times they have set their eyes on him since his election in 2017. The MP has however maintained sending morning greetings to all the constituents during a popular vernacular radio show. This has irritated his voters who are wondering whether they elected the legislator to send them greetings through radio. The lawmaker rarely goes back home even when the House is in recess. The few instances he has been publicly seen in the constituency include when ODM leader Raila Odinga recently visited the area.

A governor from Rift Valley is eating life with a big spoon. The man of low demeanor is said to have secretly married a second wife and bought her a home far away from his ancestral farm. And he did not just surprise the lady with a new home on a seven-acre piece of land but also welcomed her with a new position curved for her within the health docket. According to those in the know, the lady only worked for a week and proceeded on “maternity leave” and despite the leave coming to an end, she is yet to return to work. She continues to draw a salary though.

A CEC in a county in the South Rift is in the crosshairs of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission after she bought more wheelchairs than there were people who needed them in 2016. An assessment was not done to establish how many persons with disability needed wheelchairs in the county but that didn't stop her from buying as many as she could get enough kickbacks from. She built a palatial home from the proceeds but the wheelchairs that no one needs are wasting away in a store in the county under lock and key. The same CEC is also in trouble for paying contractors to build five non-existent ECDE centres. Payments have been made but the classrooms only exist on paper. Reminds one of the book 'Eating chiefs'.